The Other Side

She's wakes up an Angel. Only remembering him. But happened to him? Most importantly her...


4. The Keeper

The Angel Keeper POV

Our own Angel is falling for a Cold One. I know that she doesn't know she is an Angel but she should know. She can't love a Cold One. It is forbidden. Phoenix knows that he is a Cold One so he should know but this can't happen. It must be stopped.

The Cold One Keeper POV

PHOENIX falling for an ANGEL. I won't let this continue. I shifted into a normal boy about the age of Phoenix to talk to him.



"Yes it is me. How dare you fall for a stupid ANGEL!"

"She isn't stupid!"

"Well then you are for falling for her!"

"I can't control Love!"

"Well you better tell her EVERYTHING. The Cold Ones,Angels, EVERYTHING."

"I will!"

"You can't become like The Mix."

"I won't!"

"Because if you do.. Someone will pay... It could even be your little ANGEL..."

And like that he was gone.

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