The Other Side

She's wakes up an Angel. Only remembering him. But happened to him? Most importantly her...


5. Telling

Peri POV

It was a Saturday and Phoenix was coming over. When he finally got here he told me had to tell me something important and I couldn't tell anyone.

Phoenix POV

"Peri I am gonna just say this is gonna sound VERY crazy."

"Ok continue."

"You are part Angel and when you die you will be a full Angel. I am a Cold One. The enemy of all Angels."


"Please believe me."

"I do."

"There is also a Keeper. One to the Angels and one to the Cold Ones."


"And it's forbidden for the two to have a relationship together..."

"I'm not breaking up with you already.."

"I'm not either. We just have to keep this a secret."

"Got it. But is there anyone who has actually had a relationship with the other side?"

"Yes. There was The Mix. He was a Cold One but married an Angel. They left him with his power of being a Cold One but was never allowed to go back to the Cold One territory or talk to any Keepers."

"Can we talk to him?"

"They killed him once they found out he married an Angel."

"Oh. But what about the Angel?"

"They just took her powers of being an Angel. The Angel Keeper couldn't kill her."

Then the Cold One Keeper came in.

"I'm back Phoenix."

"I see that. I told her so just let us be."

"I can't do that... She is a stupid Angel for crying out loud!"

"I told you she isn't stupid! I love her and that's that!"

"You love her? Well then lets do something about that..."

"Don't! Please!"

Then Peri dropped down...

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