The Other Side

She's wakes up an Angel. Only remembering him. But happened to him? Most importantly her...


16. Talking and Playing

Peri POV

Hate doesn't Love me. Phoenix doesn't Love me. What am I supposed to do now? But I think I Love Hate. He doesn't even Love me.

Hate POV

I think there is only one way to know who I Love. Go on a date with each girl. I know I sound like a player but I have to!

Love POV

Stupid Hate. Stupid Kiss. Stupid Love. Then Hate came in. Great... Just Great... (sarcasm)

"What do you want?"

"I know your mad but..."

"But what? You broke my heart TWICE not once but TWICE!"

"I know and I am sorry. I didn't know what was going on."

"Still why are you here?"

"To ask you out..."

"Why should I accept?"


"Because what?"

"Because I kissed you before."

"So You kissed Peri."

"I know but.."

"You know what? Just go please!"


"Just go."

"Fine. I'm sorry but before I go."

He tried to kiss me but what did I do? Pull back!

"Don't even try Hate. Just go!"

Hate POV

Did I seriously just try to kiss her? Why am I so stupid? I am just gonna go talk to Peri.

"Hey Peri."

"Hey Hate. What up?"

"Nothing much. What about you Potato?"
"Nothing. So why are you here? I'm not trying to be mean or anything."

"Just came to see you."

I saw her blush.

"Well thanks for seeing me."

"Welcome. So whats been going on with you Phoenix?"

"Haven't talked to him."

"Oh well I hope things get better."

"Thanks. So what about you and Love?"

"I tried talking to her but she doesn't want to see me."

"Well how about we just play Truth or Dare to get our minds off stuff."

"K. You go first."

"Ok Hate. Truth or Dare?"

It was just a funny game until about 15 minutes later.

"So. Hate Truth or Dare?"


"Who did you kiss first? Love or me?"

"Uhh. Love."

"Ok your turn."

"Ok Truth or Dare?"


"Peri... I dare you to.. Hmmm... Say your crush's name."



"No.. I was saying my answer..."


Authors Note: BA BAM! CLIFF HANGER! AGAIN AGAIN! I am sorry for cliffhangers! Better then me not writing because of my writers block! I think it is slowly going away because I thought of the next chapter so it will be posted in like 10 minutes or so..! Bye PAYNERS!




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