The Other Side

She's wakes up an Angel. Only remembering him. But happened to him? Most importantly her...


2. Phoenix

Peri POV

I got up for school like any other day. I put on a casual red shirt with white jeans and some red vans. Once I was done with all that I went to school. I'm pretty much the girl in the back who doesn't have a voice. Only one thing made me want to go to school. It was him. Phoenix. It always seemed like we both had a secret that even we didn't know about. It was finally time to go to class and I went to my usual seat in the back. I noticed Phoenix was sitting in the seat next to mine. I was dying to ask why he was sitting there because he usually sits in the middle but I couldn't talk to Phoenix. He was not like those popular cliche people but he wasn't like me.

"Your probably wondering why i'm sitting here aren't you?"

It's like he read my mind...

"Well kinda..."

"I have never heard you talk before... Well I wanted a new seat that's all."

"Well ok I guess."

Then we just continued with our usual classes. Then came lunch. I usually sat by myself but that changed today. Phoenix sat across from me today.

"Hi" he said.

"Hi don't you usually sit over there? I'm not trying to be rude or anything."

"Well I guess I felt bad that your always sitting alone so I sat here today."

"Ok well thanks for thinking about me."

"Your welcome. I also think your kinda cute."

"Oh well thanks." I soon hid behind my hair so he wouldn't see me blushing. We continued talking and he is really funny yet sweet I was sad finding out lunch was over.

~After School~

Phoenix walked me home today. I insisted he didn't but he wanted to. I'm starting to think he likes me.

Phoenix POV

Once I got to my house I went to my room. I had a secret that only my parents and I knew. I was something nobody wanted to be. I was the enemy of angels. A Cold One. Problem was... I was thinking Peri was an Angel...

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