The Other Side

She's wakes up an Angel. Only remembering him. But happened to him? Most importantly her...


8. Love

Phoenix POV

I'm dead. All because I love Peri. I knew something like this would happen. Why am I so stupid to date her. Wait. What am I saying? I love Peri...

Peri POV


"Finally..." said The Keeper.

"What are you gonna do to me then?"

"Why don't you go talk to your Keeper?"

Then The Angel Keeper appeared/


"Peri. I have no choice but to take your powers away.."

"All because I fell in Love? I can't control that! Love chose Phoenix and I!"

Love POV

Yupp I'm a person. Kinda. I'm like The Keepers. I did choose Phoenix and Peri. They belong together. They should stay together. I can't do anything about that. There is one thing though... I had to find Hate. I had to shape shift so I just decided on a 19 year old girl with black hair with a little purple (gotta have good hair right?) and left.

Hate POV

As I was shape shifted into a 19 year old boy who kinda resembled Zayn Malik Love showed up.

"Love? Why are you here? I hate you."

"Well your Hate itself!"

"Well then why are you here?"

"Remember Phoenix? The Cold One who I chose Peri even though she is an Angel."

"Yeah. Why? Do you need Hate to step in?"

"No. But Phoenix was killed by the Keeper."


"Have a heart for once!"

"You act like I can! I'm Hate!"

"Oh.. I'm sorry..."

"Its ok so what do you want me to do then? Its not like I can bring him back to life."

Love POV

"But you can help with Love."

"Don't you remember i'm Hate?"

"I know but i'm Love and I can give you a little Love."

"No! I am Hate and NOTHING can change that!"

"Think. You will never find Love if you never have it..."

Then there was a short pause.


And like that Hate had a little Love in him.

Hate POV

Will Love inside I felt new. I never felt like this. Isn't it obvious why? Then I looked at Love. I then realized that i'm in Love with..


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