The Other Side

She's wakes up an Angel. Only remembering him. But happened to him? Most importantly her...


14. Love is Weird..

Hate POV

"I don't even know who I Love anymore."

"I understand its just I am having a tough time with everything going on."

Peri POV

I don't know if I Love Hate. He doesn't even know who he Loves.

"Well then I guess I am gonna go."

"K. Bye Peri,"


I then just gave him a quick kiss and left.

Love POV

For he second time I was left alone by the same guy. I don't Love him anymore...

~That Night~

Hate POV

I was dreaming of Love and Peri. I don't know who to Love. The I woke up...

In the hospital.

"What happened?"

"Well. I came to see you and you looked dead." said Love.

"So how am I now?"

"You just need to stay here till tomorrow."

"Well ok. But why did you come to see me last night?"

"I may have just wanted to kiss you one last time."

"What do you mean?"

"Like you and Peri.."

"I turned her down kinda.."

"So who do you like?"


"Who do you like?"

"I don't know. So umm do you still want that kiss?"


Love POV

We kissed.. And I liked it. No Love you Hate Hate.

"Happy now?"


"Love. I don't know who to Love. I need your Love advice!"

"Well.. Just follow what you think is right."

"I guess that makes sense."

"Yeah well I gotta go so bye!"


Hate POV

THIS IS STILL NOT EASY! Wait... I just gotta ask myself a question... What kiss did I like? THIS STILL ISN'T EASY! HATE WHO DO YOU LOVE??? GRRR! Wait.. Do I even Love them? OF COURSE I DO! OH MY HATE THIS IS SO COMPLICATED! I just gotta settle down. OK no Hate who do you Love? I honestly think I should just say that I..

I Love...

Authors Note: CLIFF HANGER! AGAIN! MWAHAHAHA I KEPT YOU WAITING! I FEEL SO EVIL! LIKE A UNICORN BREAKING A MIRROR! Well Hello Payners. I just wanna say for only posting 1 chapter today I usually do like 2! It is just I was reading this book and had like 100 pages left so I was like I CAN FINISH IT! I did but it only left me time to write 1 chapter! Also I was like OMG I HAVE WRITERS BLOCK! I was like WHO SHOULD HATE LOVE? My friend was like Love and Hate but I am like idk.... I was also thinking Love and Phoenix but I really have no idea! So PLEASE tell me who you want Hate to Love! PEACE OUT PAYNERS!


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