The Other Side

She's wakes up an Angel. Only remembering him. But happened to him? Most importantly her...


11. Let Love Sink In

Peri POV

I haven't left home since the incident. I love Phoenix but I can't do anything about it. Then a girl and a boy came in.

"Why are you in my house?!?"

"I'm Love and this is Hate."

"What are you brother and sister?"

"No we are emotions."

"That makes sense but I really don't care about Love right now."

"I know what happened. It is my fault for choosing you two." said Love.

"No its not. We were the people who fell in love."

"I just wanna say Hate and I are trying to fix this."


"With Love."

"So are you two dating?"

"EWW NO!" said Hate.

"Yeah! We HATE each other!"

"Well if you say so.."

"I'm Love I think I will know if I liked this crazy guy."

"Yeah. And I am Hate so I know I Hate this crazy girl."

"Whatever you say..... So how did you use Love to help?"

"We asked The Keeper of Angels to date The Keeper of Cold Ones."

"You went that far?"

"We had to!"

"I appreciate it but Phoenix is dead." I shivered at the last word.

"I know. We can't do anything about that i'm sorry. But this will break anything Forbidden. You will find Love."

"I just don't know if I can Love again."

"Listen. Even Hate found Love."

"He did?"

"Yes I did! She's a girl and stuff." said Hate.

"Who is she?"

"You know. A girl.."

Love POV

I couldn't stand hearing Hate talk about his Love.

"What about you Love? Have you found Love?" said Peri.

"I think. But he would never Love me back."

"Its ok." said Hate.


Hate POV

Love has Love? This is just great (sarcasm). We went to go see The Keeper of The Cold Ones to ask him. When we got there instead of Love going in I went in. Before I went in she kissed my cheek again. I really liked her but I couldn't say anything. She thinks I don't Love her. And she Loves someone else...


"Would you ever date.. I don't know.."


"The Keeper?"

"Why would you ask that?!?"

"I was just wondering you know just curious..."

"Well I have never really met her.. Only a few times."

"Well if she would I would be willing to."

"Thats great!"

Then I left.

"So? How did it go?"

"He said YES!"

"Ugh your AWESOME! I Love you!"

"You do?"

"I mean like a friend and stuff."


Love POV

I almost said it. I could NEVER say that to Hate! He is... Hate.

"So we just gotta ask The Angel Keeper."

"Yupp and then just let Love set in."

"Then lets go."

We got there but this time I didn't kiss him on the cheek. I can't do it 3 times! He can't know I Love him!

"Keeper? What is your answer?"

"Well I thought long and hard and I decided.."



"THANKS SOOOO MUCH! Go to The Middle and everything will be set."

"Alright Love."

And I walked out.

"She said YES!"

"Thats great Love! Also Love.."


Hate POV

"Why have you kissed me?"

"Well.. Thats an interesting quest-"

I cut her off by kissing her.

"I may have Liked you for awhile.." said Love.

"Well. I have always Loved you..."

"Let me rephrase that. I have Loved you." said Love

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