The Other Side

She's wakes up an Angel. Only remembering him. But happened to him? Most importantly her...


6. Back To The Begining

Peri POV

As and angel. I only remember him. I don't know what happened. Until now. I can look for The Mix.

"The Mix?" 


"What happened?"

"The Keeper tried to kill you.. Your an Angel. You can't die."

"Where is Phoenix?"

"With The Cold One Keeper."

"You look familiar.."

"So do you."

"Have I ever met you?"

"I lost most of my memory when the Cold One Keeper killed me."

"Well. I still think I have met you before."

Then it came to me


"She is so cute!"

"Yes she is."

"Beautiful Peri."


"You have disobeyed everyone and you will pay!"

And he is dead..

"No! How could you! You could never let us be!"

*Flashback ends*



"I can't believe I found you!"

"I can't either."

"Can you help me get back with Phoenix?"

"Of course. Your my daughter."

"What about the Angel Keeper?"

"We just have to go as we go."

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