The Other Side

She's wakes up an Angel. Only remembering him. But happened to him? Most importantly her...


13. ~A Year Later~

~A Year Later~

Hate POV

I haven't seen Love since then. I never gave up on her. I still Love her more than anything. I can't do anything about it but she probably doesn't Love me anymore because I broke it off after like 3 hours. I still never gave up...

Love POV

I never saw Hate. That didn't matter to me anymore because I found a new Love. He is part Angel and I Love him. We have been together for a few months and then I decided after all this Hate and I can still be friends so I am gonna see him.

Hate POV


"Hey Hate. What has been going on?"

"Just nothing. You?"

"Well I have fell in Love again."

I broke. I knew it.

"That's great I'm still just normal Hate."

"Well I just wanted to come see you."

"So. What is his name?"


"Cool. Is he an Angel or something?"


I knew it. She would fall for an Angel.

"Well that is good I guess."

"Well I gotta go see Jacob."

And she gave me a kiss on the cheek like she used to. Then the memories came back.


"Listen. Even Hate found Love."


"What about you Love? Have you found Love?" said Peri.

"I think. But he would never Love me back."

"Its ok." said Hate.

Before I went in she kissed my cheek again. I really liked her but I couldn't say anything. She thinks I don't Love her. And she Loves someone else...


I cut her off by kissing her.


"Well. I have always Loved you..."

"Let me rephrase that. I have Loved you." said Love

She kissed me. Kinda. But I liked it :).

*Flashback Ends*

I Love that girl more than anything and had to do something.



I kissed her. And I just felt better.

Jacob POV

I couldn't find Love but then I remembered that she had a friend named Hate so I decided to go check.

"What in the world is going on in here?!?"


"So your cheating on me with Hate?"

"No I am not!"

"Sure looks like it!"

Hate POV

"Dude I kissed her."

"You what?"

"I kissed her."

Then I got punched.

"Jacob! How could you?"

"He kissed you!"

"Well I am sorry that I Love Hate!"

"Fine! We are DONE!"

"I don't care! I Love Hate!"

Love POV

I just broke up with Jacob.. Well he broke up with me and then I said that I Loved Hate

"You... You Love me?"

"Yes I do Hate."

"I never gave up on you Love."

"I never did either."

"I Love you."

"I Love you too."

"This can't happen."

"I know.. But I Love you."

Peri POV

I have kept my promise to see Phoenix everyday. Today was like any other day....


"Hey Phoenix."

"I can't believe everyday you have been coming to see me."

"Anything for Love."

"I don't think this is working."


"I think we should break up."

My blood started to boil.


I then left to see Hate.

"Hey Hate."

Hate and I became friends and at that good friends.

"Hey Peri. What up Potatoe?"

"I'm now single and full of Hate so I thought I should come hang out with you."

"That's bad. Phoenix broke up with you?"


"It's ok. Come here."

We then hugged and we both leaned in and we kissed.

Love POV


"What? I'm single! Hate is single!"

"You may be but Hate isn't!"

"I didn't know!"

"Well let me just say goodbye Hate! I Hate Hate! It has been what a day we have been together?"

"I am so sorry Love."

"Oh save it Hate! Just say you Love her! Go ahead because I am GONE!"

Hate POV

She left.

"Sorry to put all that on you Peri.."

"It is ok but why would you kiss me?"

"I don't know. I honestly have no idea!"

"I kissed you because I thought it was a good time and...

"And what?"

"I thought you Liked me..."


Authors Note: CLIFF HANGER! Hola Payners! I honestly don't know how this will end. I thought it was gonna end at the point where Peri went to see Phoenix but I can't end there! I Love this story so much and how many people have read it Like putting drama in this so I did! I just wanna say...

Kendra+Zayn M.



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