The City

Ava had ran away from home and met up with 2 boys Trent and Harry, after living on the streets for about a month. When living on the street starts to get tough, Harry hears about an X-Factor audition. It's the start of a new life for him, but what will happen to Trent and Ava? Will Harry begin to forget about them? Does Trent's near death experience snap him back to reality. Follow this trio along the ups and downs of their life on the streets, and as growing stars.


3. Drew.

   After eating our first full meal in weeks, we decided to just sleep. We needed it. Trent and Harry offered for me to take the bed and they would take the pull out couch, I tried to tell them I didn't need the bed to myself, but they wouldn't take no for an answer. 

   The bed was soft, and warm, I hadn't sleep on anything but concrete for 2 months. I felt safe her, like the blanket was protecting me. I slowly fell into a deep sleep. When I woke-up in the morning Trent and Harry were still asleep. I looked at the clock and it was 9:30, the free breakfast ended at 10! I ran over a woke them up, they got up, fixed up their hair the best they could, and we went down to the restaurant. I ate 4 bowls of cereal, 2 sandwhichs, and a bunch of fruit. It was so nice to actually eat real food. 

   We left the motel and went back to our alley. Trent decided that he would go to the subway station on the other side of town and try and get some money, Harry and I told him that we would work the streets. As soon as Trent was out of our sight, Harry grabbed me and pulled me back in the alley.

"So.. Ava." he said. He bit his lip. He was gorgeous, and when he bit his lip I just felt butterflies in my stomach. I started liking Harry 3 months ago, but I didn't want to say anything. 

"You know I really did enjoy that kiss last night." Harry said. I laughed softly under my breath, then smiled at him. I lent in and I kissed him again. This time it was more passionate. My hands softly slid up his back to his neck, his hands pressed against the wall beside me. The kiss lasted forever, it would have been longer, but we were interrupted. 

   Someone grabbed Harry and threw him into the dumpster. His two other friends grabbed Harry's arms, and held him. The guy ran up and punched Harry in the face. Then kicked him in the ribs. Harry bent over and yelled in pain. I stood there against the wall not able to move. The guy walked up to me.

"Hey there. I'm drew." He put both of his arms on either side of me as if you trap me against the wall. His breath was warm on my face, and it smelt disgusting.

"Get away from me." I said. 

"Heeeeey. You're pretty hot. Why not give me some fun?" He winked at me and laughed. 

"Now you're little boyfriend over here is gonna see how a real man does it."  He said smirking. He grabbed a knife out of his pocket and held it to my stomach with one hand, the other hand made it up to the shoulder of my shirt. I winced, and he pushed the knife just a little bit farther, it just barley broke skin and I winced. He began slowly pulling the shoulders of my shirt until  my entire shirt was at my waist. He grabbed my boobs, and I tried to move away, but he just pushed the knife further. I yelled this time it burned. He began to unbutton my pants when I heard Harry.

"Leave her alone!!" Harry yelled.

"No" drew said. "I'm gunna screw this chick over!" Drew said with a scary grin.

"She's not like that! She doesn't deserve it!" he yelled back.

"Awwwe does the toughest guy on the streets have a soft spot?" Drew made a stupid sad face then looked back to me. He unbuttoned my pants, and slid them to the ground.

"Stop it!" I said. He just pushed the knife a little bit father into my stomach. I was now just in my underwear and a bra. Drew pulled me towards him, and he licked up my cheek. Now he was just teasing. He then grabbed my boobs and slammed me against the wall as hard as he could. I yelled with what I had. Drew removed the knife from my stomach and put it in his pocket. He grabbed my hair and pulled it towards the ground as hard as he could, I smacked my head of the concrete. I didn't have the energy to yell anymore,

"Ava! Are you okay? Drew stop this now!!!!!!!!!" Harry yelled. "She doesn't deserve to be treated like this!!" I could see the tears form in his eyes. We both knew that Drew would keep going until he killed me. He kicked me in the ribs, then pulled me up by my hair. He slapped me across the face, then leaned in and began kissing me. He bit my lit, and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I pushed him away with all the strength I had. 

"Oh we got a feisty one now do we." Drew pulled the knife out of his pocket and slashed across my face. It burned, and I could feel the blood seeping out. I faintly heard a voice in the background.

"What the hell is going on here??" It was Trent. 

"Can't you see? We're having some fun!" Drew said.

"No were not!" I shouldn't of said that. Drew took the knife and put a gash across my stomach. I screamed and fell to the floor, the blood puddling beneath me. Trent came and punched Drew straight in the face, he was unconscious on the floor. Trent grabbed one of the people holding Harry down, and punched them out too. Harry handled the other. Trent and Harry slid my clothes on, and Harry picked me up. Everything was a blur, but I could see that they were running. I was loosing blood fast. My back hurt from beind slammed against the wall and I yelped in pain. When they found an empty alley, Harry took his shirt off and pushed it against my stomach to help stop the bleeding. It finally stopped and I layed there on the ground. Harry grabbed me and hugged me. 

"I'm so sorry" He said.

"Its okay. Its not your fault." I said. He grabbed me and kissed me once more, with Trent still watching. He was shocked.

"I'll explain later" Harry said.

"No need to explain." Trent said. "I knew this would happen eventually." I smiled at him.

"On the way here, I saw a billboard. There are auditions in a week for the x-factor. I'm going to go, and try my best, if I make it, maybe they can help you guys get a place to stay too!" He said.


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