The City

Ava had ran away from home and met up with 2 boys Trent and Harry, after living on the streets for about a month. When living on the street starts to get tough, Harry hears about an X-Factor audition. It's the start of a new life for him, but what will happen to Trent and Ava? Will Harry begin to forget about them? Does Trent's near death experience snap him back to reality. Follow this trio along the ups and downs of their life on the streets, and as growing stars.


2. Crushing On You

I walked into the alley with the guy, he pushed me against the wall. He grabbed the shoulders of my shirt and started sliding them down. I flinched, but let him continue. I knew we needed the money. My shirt was almost completely off, when Harry came into the alley.

"What is going on here?" Harry said, trying to act as tough as he could.

"She's giving me some fun, now get out of here." Said the guy. Before I could even blink Harry punched the guy out cold. He was lying on the ground in front of me, I stood there shocked, I'd never seen Harry do something like that. I pulled up my shirt, while Harry grabbed the money. He called Trent and we started running, we ended up running half way across town, we finally found an empty alley, and I fell to the floor I was exhausted. All I could think about was what Harry would say to me. He grabbed my hand and helped me stand up.

"What the hell were you thinking!!!" He shouted.

"I just I knew we needed he money and..." Harry uninterrupted me.

"You promised me you would never start hooking! You're 14 years old!!! It's not worth it Ava!" He was furious with me. I had tears in my eyes.

"I'm sorry Harry, I promise, I won't ever do it!" I said, I hugged Harry. The warmth of his body made me tingle inside. He was rubbing my back and he kissed my forehead. Trent stepped in.

"Well on the bright side we have 57.50! We can get a motel room and eat a descent breakfast in the morning!!" he said.

"Well lets go then!" I said excited. 

 We got into our room and took a look, it had 1 bed and a pullout couch, and a bathroom with a shower a sink and a toilet. 

"I call showering first!" I said. Trent and Harry laughed. I gave them a silly look and stuck my tongue out at them. I walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I turned on the shower and made it nice and warm. I stepped in and my body tingled as the clean water drizzled down my skin. I could have stayed in the shower forever but I knew I had to give the boys their turns. I turned off the tap, grabbed my towel and began to dry off. I went to reach for my cloths, but they weren't there. Harry. I thought. I wrapped the towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom to see Harry sitting on the bed with my cloths.

"Harry! Give me my clothes!" I said in a giggly voice. 

"No!" He said laughing.

"Wheres Trent?" I asked.

"He went to go get something." Harry said back.

"Ugggh harry just give me my clothes!" I said.

"Gotta catch me first." He said. I ran up to him, but he didn't move he just stood up. He looked me in the eyes, and moved the hair out of my face.

"You know you really are beautiful." He said. I looked at the floor and faintly smiled. He lifted my chin and looked me in the eyes. I suddenly felt his lips press on mine, then were warm, and soft. It was perfect. We heard Trent knock on the door, and panicked.

"Lets not tell him anything." Harry said he handed me my clothes and went to open the door. I ran into the washroom and quickly began putting my clothes on.  I combed my wet hair with my fingers and walked out of the bathroom. It smelt wonderful in the room. I looked over and Harry and Trent were unpacking 3 burgers, 3 small fries, and 3 coffees. It smelt wonderful and I was excited.

"I thought we were getting breakfast?" I asked.

"They offer free breakfast here! So I thought I'd get us some food for tonight!" Trent said.

Harry winked at me at me and I smiled, Trent looked at us confused, but we avoided his gaze.

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