Why not me?

Amber and Eli have been friends for years. They both get accepted into Eli's dream school. When they are there Amber and Eli both make new friends. Eli also starts crushing on one of the most popular girls in school. Amber has very deep feelings for Eli and the most popular girl is one of her friends and one of her close friends. What will Amber do to win Eli's attention and love?


15. This kiss

Amber's P.O.V.

As I was walking down the street back to Ariana's house someone ran past me. 

When I realized it was Eli the person collapsed. 

I grabbed his carcass, and brought him into my house not too far away. 


Eli's P.O.V.

I was laying on a comfy bed. I looked at my watch, It was only 3:32. I sighed in pain as a girl walked in. 

She looked beautiful.. But why would she take me in? 

I stood up. W-Who are you? I asked, 

It's me Amber.... She replied. 

I looked shocked. A-AMBER?! What happened to you? 

She smiled, I got some surgery.. After I saved up for a couple years. 

Her figure was amazing.. He light brown hair was perfectly straightened and she was wearing a tank top with some short jeans. 

She sat beside me, Her eyes sparkled in the sun lights. 

She was beautiful but Ariana was another story. 

She looked down at me, and I looked at her. 

We finally began leaning in, and our lips touched. 

Soon we were totally into it, and there was no way of stopping us now. 

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