Why not me?

Amber and Eli have been friends for years. They both get accepted into Eli's dream school. When they are there Amber and Eli both make new friends. Eli also starts crushing on one of the most popular girls in school. Amber has very deep feelings for Eli and the most popular girl is one of her friends and one of her close friends. What will Amber do to win Eli's attention and love?


6. Lunch dumper

Amber's P.O.V.

It was Lunch time already and Eli hasn't talked to me since. 

I sat down lonely at my own table and he finally walked in. 

Then he leaned by the wall, and Ariana walked in. Then they started laughing with each other and stuff. 

I was so upset that my best friend left me for that popular girl. 

I squeezed my milk furiously as I got up with my lunch and approached them. 

Why are you avoiding me Eli? I asked. 

He looked at me, and gave me a look then led me away so Ariana couldn't hear us. 

You were mean to her! And I like her! You need to stop with this attitude Amber.. 

I pushed him with my index finger, You like her?! Fine then, Since were not friends anymore.. 

I walked over to Ariana and poured my milk all over her. Then I dumped my lunch on her as well. 

She looked at me startled and pushed past me making me fall. 

At the same moment somone fell and their lunch landed all over me. 


Zayn's P.O.V.

I watched as the girl threw her lunch all over Ariana. 

Why'd you do that?! That's steep.. I said shaking my head and following behind Ariana. 

I didn't care if I was going into the girls bathroom or what. 

Ariana.. Are you okay? I asked. 

She was wiping her face, Zayn could you give me a ride home? I can't finish my day like this... 

I nodded. 

Lemme just call Liam.. She said whipping out her phone 

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