Why not me?

Amber and Eli have been friends for years. They both get accepted into Eli's dream school. When they are there Amber and Eli both make new friends. Eli also starts crushing on one of the most popular girls in school. Amber has very deep feelings for Eli and the most popular girl is one of her friends and one of her close friends. What will Amber do to win Eli's attention and love?


8. Best Friend fight..

Amber's P.O.V.

It was after school, and I have seen nothing of Ariana, and that jock Zayn guy. 

I did see her brother Liam, and the rest of his group but not Zayn with them. 

I didn't care.. I just wanted Eli to have a break from that popular life.. He doesn't belong there. He belongs with me.. 

A quick tear fell from my eye as I thought that in my head, and I wiped it away with my sweater sleeve as I took my books and such from my locker. 

I didn't bother to go over to Eli's locker and offer to walk with him. 

I was too upset anyway.. 

I grabbed my heavy bag, and left the school. Sad kingdom heart music played in my head. 

The game Eli, and  played day and night. I sat on the school steps, and tears fell free. 

Simple, and Clean... I whispered to myself. 

I buried my head in my knees, and thought to myself... 

Why did I do that? Now Eli would never talk to me.. 

I shrugged, Fine.. I'll find someone else to share my best friend love, and thoughts with..

I ran home, and I was tired and exhausted of thinking. I had a terrible headache and I was just simply depressed. 

I wanted to go back to California and live with my wealthy father there, and forget Eli.. But soon after a fight he would just find me and give me ways to love him again. 

I opened my door to see Eli, and my mother standing there. 

Eli.. What are you doing here? I asked, 

Eli stood silent. He came to get his belongings from the night before.. My mother answered for him.

He nodded, and pushed past me. A huge gush of wind hit me in the face. 

So how was school? Mum asked. 

IT BLOW UP, OKAY?! I yelled, and stormed off. 

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