Why not me?

Amber and Eli have been friends for years. They both get accepted into Eli's dream school. When they are there Amber and Eli both make new friends. Eli also starts crushing on one of the most popular girls in school. Amber has very deep feelings for Eli and the most popular girl is one of her friends and one of her close friends. What will Amber do to win Eli's attention and love?


14. A lesson

Ariana's P.O.V.

I ran outside and took out my phone but I bumped into someone. 

I looked up to see standing there with flowers in his hands. 

Babe.. These are for you!! He said smiling widely. 

ELI TRIED TO RAPE ME!! I cried and held onto him. 

Zayn handed me the flowers and approached the house. 

Harry, and Louis held him back as Liam approached us. 

What's going on? He asked. 

Eli.. He tried to rape Ariana.. Niall explained. 

Liam dropped his phone, and stormed into the house. 

Zayn finally pryed Louis, and Harry off him and escaped into the house with Liam. 

Soon minutes passed and Eli burst out the door. 

All beaten up.. He walked past me slowly. 

Then when he heard the voices of Liam, and Zayn he took off. 

Liam hugged me, Baby sis.. Are you okay? 

I nodded. 

Zayn hugged me too, Do you want me to call the cops? He asked. 

I shook my head, No..

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