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1SHOT41D contest. The Boy I Have Chosen Is Liam :) Liam has been dumped about a month ago and is some what annoyed by girls especially since all the boys (Louis,Harry,Niall and Zayn) are taken he is the only single one. Will it take one girl to turn it all around and make him Love again?


1. Jennel


Liam's point of view  

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I haven't got a date. There's also a party that Louis is hosting but I guess I'm going solo   

"woo!" I whispered   

"Talking to yourself again eh?" Niall came and sat by me

"I was not" I pouted my lips   

"Oh excuse me then what?" His hands went in the air 

"I was thinking...that's all.What do you want"  

"I'm Taking a poo, what does it look like?" 

I stared at Niall for a bit,I don't know is he using sarcasm on me? The door flung open coming in  Zayn then harry walked in the door with a toothy grin with Louis right behind him. 

"Liam why the glum!?" Zayn asked 

"I'm fine" I snarled  

"Lads he wants a lady,and why so smiley Harry?" Niall joined the conversation

"haz here was just kissing Alina! And Is that so Liam?" Asked Louis

"*smooch* *smooch*" Niall made kissing noises

"Shut up About girls! About kisses about everything!"

I dashed through them walking rapidly down the side walk.  

"Girls...girls..girls why can't we talk about puppies!?"I exclaimed 

"Puppies are cute"   I stopped in my tracks and walked backwards to see who spoke. I spotted a brunette with brown eyes sitting on a pair of steps, wearing a pair of army green jeans with white blouse and black blazer with studs on the shoulders. 

"Excuse me?"  

"You're excused" The girl spoke in some what of a disgust look 

"Hey you! You're all the same! so screw your self" I walked off,the nerve of her to talk to me like that  

"Pardon me" a sassy voice spoke sounding just a few feet behind me I turned to see the perky brunette once again

"You're excused" I mimicked her voice causing her to smirk

"Look pretty boy,what's your problem?" 

"My problem? My problem is you all of you you're all the same"  

"All of me? I've never meet you in my life and now you're telling me we're all the same. Well who's we?" 

"Girls okay girls" I sighed "I'm sorry this is all my fault...I've had a bad day.I truly am sorry" 

"It's fine but I'm sorry for responding like I did" she looked up at me our eyes locking in sight. She smiled,I got a tingle when she did and I haven't felt like that lately,I smiled back and held out my hand    

"Lets start over,Hi my name is Liam"

"Hi Liam I'm Jen short for Jennel"

"Would you like to go grab a bite?"    

"I'd love to" 

Jen and I walked down the street to a little burger joint,entering hearing a little bell 'welcome' the women at the front said quietly but I heard. Our waitress led us to our table and handed menus

 "Anything to drink?" The ginger headed tall waitress asked  

"I'll take a coke what about you Jen?"  

"um a water"  

"You don't want a water do you? She'd take a coke as well" the waitress walked away

"Liam"  Jen's eyebrows slighty went up in surprise I rejected her water

"Yes?" I tilted my head and smiled 

 "Why'd you do that"  

"You really wanted a water?"  

"No but it's free and I don't want you to pay any more for me. I am a total stranger remember!"

"That's why we talk an get to know each other...duh!" I gave her my best duck lips 

"hahaha you look silly"

"I bet you'll look silly as well!" I watched as Jen attempted curling her lips up"You can't do it can you"I smirked

"I can too!"

"Pretend you're kissing someone or the mirror.." I suggested

Jen did as I suggested and she actually did a duck face,Crossing her arms looking at me like 'What Now'

"With my help" I mumbled 

 "so what's your favorite color?"  she changed the subject 

"Nice way to get to know someone, purple by the way"

"Really? Mine to and it's an original question to ask" she poked her tongue out at me 

"Your drinks" the waitress placed them on the table "ready to order?" 

"psh!" Jen smirked 

"Not quite yet we are still deciding"  

"Alright I'll be Over here" The waitress pointed to a stool   

"Liam we didn't even take a look at the menu"  

"Pick at the top of your head" 

"I dunno"   


"Ready" she asked    

"Two cheese burger with chips" I popped the 'P' in chips 

"that'd be all"

I shook my head and she left I turned to Jen who was smiling   

"You're so nice" The corner of Jennel's lips raised forming a smile   

"Me? Thanks!"  I blushed and waved my hand at her refereeing to a cat hitting a ball of yarn 

"Oh Liam"  she playfully rolled her eyes at me 

*Hour Later*  

"And that's why I was having a bad day" I ended my story  

"Oh um sorry....I probably made it worse talking to you since I'm a girl" 

"No! Not at all you made the remainder of my day great!"  

"Liam your girlfriend doesn't really know what she lost" Jen looked down as I looked her in the eyes as she said that.the hour we ate we sort of learned much about each other but we're not that close yet  

"Bye Liam" we stopped on our street where I meet Jennel 

"Wait Jen um I was wondering...em if you'd like to...em go to a valentines day party with me tomorrow?"  

"Seems like fun I'd love to go" she came and hugged me. We broke apart form the hug and I kissed her cheek

"bye Jen"she smiled and walked in her house. 

I guess I was wrong not all girls are the same. Jennel's go a point it was her loss, I shouldn't be stuck in the past upset about a break up. She's not as bad as she seemed,I can't wait for tomorrow to take Jen to the Valentine's Day Party and introduce her to the boys .Jennel is so full of surprises, I reached for the door knob

"Who knows what will happen.." I entered the flat with a smile

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