Cory was backing out of her driveway to go buy the newest laptop available just as she was about to turn it was as if suddenly a another car apeared behind her. She freaked. She asked the boy, Tyler to come to walmart with her so he can get his car checked out. when they find the laptop all goes wrong. a light, a light the laptop was glowing an erie green light. no one is able to see. then cory and tyler relize something shocking.


17. Welcome Tory!!

"Cory your over re-acting!" Tyler ran after her.

Cory turned around, her jaw dropped, "How can you say i'm over re-acting? My mother is the one who made me murder my brother and kept it from me for 2 years!"

"You were 15 Cory." Tyler pointed out.

"Doesn't mean she had to keep that from me." Cory crossed her arms.

Suddenly a puddle apeared under Cory. Her eyes grew large.

"Cory?" Tyler was worried.

"Tyler my water broke!" Cory yelled at the top of her lungs.

Tyler picked up Cory and asked Josh to lead them to the hospital.

"There is no hospital." Josh whispered.

Cory yelped in pain. "All birth is done without doctors and nurses." Josh told.

"WHAT?!!!?!?!?" Cory yelled.

"Sorry Cory I forgot to tell you." Marnie apologized.

Tyler layed Cory down, held her hand and told her to push. Cory yelled and cryed. She sweated and yelped. It was 45 minutes of agonizing pain before Tory came out.

Cory passed out as Kayla cleaned Tory with a towel.

Tyler layed Cory's head on his lap. After Kayla was done cleaning Tory, she handed her to Tyler.

A salty tear streamed down his cheek. He smiled as all the memories he had with Cory stared re-playing through his head. Cory fluttered her eyes open. Seeing a beautiful brunette baby girl.

 "Morning beautiful." Tyler smiled.

 "This-" she stopped-" This is Tory?" Cory asked in a questioning voice.

 "Yep. This is our daughter." Tyler said.

 "Can I hold her?" Cory wondered.

 "Of course." Tyler handed her Tory. 

  "Hi baby." Cory chuckled, "Im your mommy. This is your daddy."

 "Hi." Tyler smiled awkwardly.

  "These are the people who will always be there for you. The people other then your dad and i." Cory introduced Tory to Josh, Carter, Marnie, Kayla, Veta and Melissa.

  Tory had unusual colored eyes. One was ocean blue and the other was emerald green.

 "Why are her eyes different colors?" Cory was curious.

 "Well." Carter butted in, "You can tell by a persons eyes here in Mahl, what power they have. If you look at Tory's eyes both are different colors. So, different colored eyes means that her power is Wolf. In the future if she was to be in danger her wolf senses would react and shed change into a wolf. Then she'd have the wolf power to protect herself."

 "Isn't that basically a shape shifter?" Tyler asked.

  "No. Shape shifters can change into whatever they want whenever they want." Carter told.

  "Hey, Remember when we first came in here and we couldn't figure out Tyler's power?" Cory reminded.

 "yeah." everyone else answered.

 "Well if you can tell by their eyes what power they have-" Cory was interupted.

 "We can look at his eyes and figure out his power!" Marnie butted.

  "Yeah." Cory gave her a glare.

 "Ok Carter look into my eyes and tell me what power i have." Tyler ordered.

 Carter looked at Tyler's eyes.

 "This cant be." Carter's jaw dropped.

 "What is it?" Josh wondered.

 Carter whispered something into Josh's ear, "What? No way." Josh wailed his arms around.

"Yes way!" Carter cried, "Look at his eye color!"

 Josh looked, "Holy hell."

 "What is it?!" Tyler yelled.

  "Tyler," Carter swallowed, "Your power is. Your the only one of your kind." 

 "What do you mean?" Tyler lowered his voice.

 "Tyler your a, a, a lightingist." Josh barely spoke.

 "A what?" Tyler blew up.

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