Cory was backing out of her driveway to go buy the newest laptop available just as she was about to turn it was as if suddenly a another car apeared behind her. She freaked. She asked the boy, Tyler to come to walmart with her so he can get his car checked out. when they find the laptop all goes wrong. a light, a light the laptop was glowing an erie green light. no one is able to see. then cory and tyler relize something shocking.


7. The Plan


“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Josh stormed out leaving Carter behind.

Tyler didn’t look away from Cory.

“Are you sure?” Tyler’s voice had no emotion.

Cory grabbed the pregnancy test.

“You tell me.” She looked him straight in the eye.

Tyler grabbed the test and looked at it for a while.

“Tyler. Are you mad?” Cory’s eyes were filled with tears.

“I’m just making sure it says positive.” Tyler said.

“Really?” Cory’s eyes lit up, “I thought you’d be so mad and you’d leave me.”

“I told you before I love you. And I would never leave you. Were gonna get through this together.” Tyler put his hand on Cory’s neck.

“Tyler.” Cory asked.

“Yeah?” Tyler answered.

“We can’t stay here if I’m going to have a baby.” Cory sighed.

“Why not?” Tyler was surprised.

“Were having a child! This isn’t somewhere a kid is suppose to grow up. Kids are suppose to grow up in a normal world with powerless people and there’s no one else here except us Carter and Josh.”

Carter butted in, “There are some things that it think you should know.”

“What would that be?” Cory went and sat down at the table in the kitchen.

Tyler and Carter came in and sat down too.

“You guys and Josh and I are not the only ones, theres millions more.” Carter started off, “And here in Mahl pregnancies aren’t the same as the normal ones. The babies develop a lot quicker, it takes about 1 month for a baby here to fully develop, and there are a few more people I think you should meet.”

A few girls walked in.

“Kayla, Marnie, and Vita, this is Cory and Tyler.” Carter introduced.

They all sat down too.

“We’re here to help you two.” Marnie said.

“With what?” Tyler asked.

“Well Kayla and I are going to help Cory get through the pregnancy and help with the baby while Vita shows Tyler around and teach him how to live here. And because we thought that Cory may need a little girl time so yeah.” Marnie smiled.

“How do you feel about this Cory?” Tyler was curious.

“Well, it seems like a good idea but Vita no taking my guy.” Cory joked around.

“Oh don’t worry I won’t I’m already taken.” Vita said.

They all laughed.

“So I’ll let you 5 get down to business. I’m going to go and try and calm down Josh. Bye.” Carter walked out of the room.

“So what now?” Cory asked.

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