Cory was backing out of her driveway to go buy the newest laptop available just as she was about to turn it was as if suddenly a another car apeared behind her. She freaked. She asked the boy, Tyler to come to walmart with her so he can get his car checked out. when they find the laptop all goes wrong. a light, a light the laptop was glowing an erie green light. no one is able to see. then cory and tyler relize something shocking.


2. freak out

People were pointing and whispering things.

"Cory. Come on." Tyler put Cory's arms down and took her outside of the walmart.

"Cory you shaking. Cory your scaring me come on talk to me." Tyler was terrified.

Tyler looked into Cory's eyes and removed the hair dangling infront of her eyes.

"Lets get you home." Tyler walked her over to her truck and they both got in.

"Ok what's your address

"204 Sicomore street." Cory breathed.

"Ok, now to figure out how to drive this thing." Tyler barley spoke.

Cory giggled, "You pull the lever then all you do is steer."

"Ok." Tyler sighed.

When they finnaly got to Cory's house it was 11 at night.

They went inside.

"Cory Anne Henry! Why were you gone so long?! Why did you bring a boy home? Were you somewhere you shouldn't have been?" Her mother screamed at her.

"Mom." Cory stretched out the word.

Tyler butted in, "Ma'am if you don't mind may I explained what happen?"

"Explain away." Cory's mother crossed her arms.

"You see when Cory was pulling out of they driveway we had a colison and we went to walmart to get it checked out and we were stuck there explaining how much it might  cost so we were stuck there until 11." 

"Cory, is that what happend?" Her mother sounded cross.

Cory sighed, "Yes mom."

"Well, I gotta go." Tyler said.

"I'll walk you out." Cory said walking outside with Tyler.

They were out on the front porch.

"How are you going to get home?" Cory asked.

"Eh i'll walk." Tyler assumed.

"You can't walk." Cory said looking at the ground.

"I only live 3 streets over." Tyler ruffled his hair, "Don't worry about me." Tyler moved the hair away from Cory's eyes, 'I'll be fine." 

"Ok, bye. Wait do you go to Phoniex High?"

"Yeah. i'll see you around." Tyler smiled.

"Bye." Cory said as she watched Tyler walking down the street and disapearing into the darkness.

Cory yawned went inside and flopped down in bed.


In the morning Cory and her mom were watching the news.

"Young Tyler Parrington went missing last night around 11:30. But he was last seen with a girl named Cory Henry." A picture of when Tyler was moving the hair away from Cory's eyes at walmart popped up.

"Police are questioning her today." 

Cory's eyes started to water.

Her mom turned off the TV, "Please don't cry. Please."

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