Cory was backing out of her driveway to go buy the newest laptop available just as she was about to turn it was as if suddenly a another car apeared behind her. She freaked. She asked the boy, Tyler to come to walmart with her so he can get his car checked out. when they find the laptop all goes wrong. a light, a light the laptop was glowing an erie green light. no one is able to see. then cory and tyler relize something shocking.


4. Forest Of Mahl

Tyler lead Cory deep into a regular forest.

"Tyler, do you know where were going?"Cory asked.

"Yeah." Tyler sat down on a broken down tree

Cory sat next to him, "Tyler, then where are we going?"

"The forest of Mahl." Tyler was being sarcastic

"Tyler if you know where were going then how do we get there?"

"Jump down that hole." Tyler pointed to a quite large hole.

"Now why would I believe that i half to jump down a hole to-"

Before Cory could finish Tyler ran and jumped in the hole

"Tyler!" She jumped in the hole after him

She hit the ground. Hard.

    When Cory woke up from the fall she was still where she landed but Tyler was awake and roasting some sort of meat

"What the heck Tyler?" Cory wasn't too happy.

"What?" Tyler was again being sarcastic.

"We jumped down a-"

Before she could finish Tyler pointed at some boys who were throwing some rocks at each other and before the rocks hit them the boys blew up the rocks with their hands.

"Holy crap." Cory's eyes were wide.

The boys walked over to them.

"Now who's this lovely looking babe?" The boy with blonde hair said.

"My name is Cory."

"Oh and thanks for asking, I'm Tyler." He was joking around.

"Whats your guys name?" Cory asked.

"I'm Josh and this is Carter." The blonde boy said.

"Nice to meet you." Cory was trying to be nice.

"Do you guys have powers too?" Carter was curious.

"I know I do but i'm not sure about Tyler." Cory said.

"You know, Tyler only people with powers can come into the forest of Mahl. So you must have some power." Josh smiled a greedy smile

"And when am i supose to find out what my powers are?" Tyler asked.

"Trust me. you'll know." Josh and Carter walked away. 


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