Cory was backing out of her driveway to go buy the newest laptop available just as she was about to turn it was as if suddenly a another car apeared behind her. She freaked. She asked the boy, Tyler to come to walmart with her so he can get his car checked out. when they find the laptop all goes wrong. a light, a light the laptop was glowing an erie green light. no one is able to see. then cory and tyler relize something shocking.


12. Enemy's

    Tyler woke up to the doorbell ringing.

  He flipped the blankets off and scampered downstairs and flung the door open.

 "What is it? It's 7 in the morning Cory is trying to sleep!" Tyler barked.

    Josh, Carter, Marnie, Kayla, and Vita were all standing there with a shocked look on their face.

  "There is no way possible these are Cory's parents." Marnie said as everyone mobbed in and sat down at the dinning table. Carter was holding a laptop.

  Josh screamed, "CORY GET  DOWN HERE!"

  Cory came running down, "What the heck?" 

   "You have got to see this." Carter said opening the laptop.

   Carter played a video of Cory's mom and dad.  

    Marnie and Kayla were following them in the video. After they wondered off from Cory and Tyler's house.

    "No one can know that were not her real parents." Her fake mom said.

  They both shapeshifted one into a young looking girl, the other a adult man. 

   "Who are they?" Tyler asked

    "Melissa Vendict and Scott Davis." Josh started off, "Their the most dangerous people here in Mahl. We lost 4 other people because of them. If were gonna fight then Cory can't until the baby is born or we can wait until the baby is born which it may be too late then."

   "But i can't just sit here in fear for you guys and Tyler. They could have more then one person helping them and they could come after me while your all out fighting Melissa and Scott." Cory raised her voice.

  "Well we can't just let them go on with their plan." Josh almost yelled.

   "Well, then figure out what their up to then we'll decide whats going to happen." Tyler butted in.

    "Ok. Come on guys." Josh ordered.

Everyone followed him out.

 Cory sat on the floor slumped up aginst the wall. She cryed.

"We can't stay here." 

"Yes we can Cory we will figure out what those guys are up to. I promise." Tyler assured her.



     Josh led Carter,Marnie, Vita andf Kayla out to a hideout they built next to where Melissa and Scott hangout.

They heard talking.

  "We halve to kill them. All of them." It was Scott talking.

   "Yeah Scott I know but why? I mean come on you know why this is going to be hard for me." Melissa almost cryed out.

   "Just because Cory is your sister doesn't mean anything!!!!" Scott screamed into Melissa's face

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