Stole my heart

Amanda Dasilva is an ordinary girl.. But when her mother dies her family gets kicked out onto the street begging for money or food. After that she has nothing left, She doesn't know anything about the world at all and she is a loner. When she starts working for Mark Lance he keeps her hostage and uses her as a slave. She is forced to steal.She can't take it anymore, She runs away and meets a Blonde.


19. Puking

Amanda's P.O.V.

Harry drove me home, and I'm sure he didn't remember anything. Technically he didn't rape me at first he was but because I got wasted and I was so into it it wasn't rape. I was guilty over the fact I cheated on Niall with his best friend. 

I rushed up into the house and into my room where I was glad Niall wasn't there. I dashed my purse across the bed and kicked off my shoes. 

I realized the rose Harry had given me earlier. I smelled it, and it had a wonderful fragrance. I threw it back into my bed and put my bed into the closet. 

I layed on the bed looking up at the wall, and sighed breathing deeply and deeply. I fell into a wonderful peaceful sleep but I was soon awoken by a horrible early morning sickness. 

I rushed into the bathroom and began puking. Before I knew it Kendall was beside me. 

AMY! Are you okay? She asked patting my back. I sighed and shooed her away. Go back to bed I don't want you to see me like this.. I said bringing my face back to the toilet bowl. 

She shrugged and walked away. 

Niall raced to my side. AMANDA!! Are you okay? He asked. My vomitting has stopped for a second and I had a minute to stop and talk. 

N-No.. Just please.. Make me  some t-tea... I said bringing my face back down to the toilet bowl. 


I had so much throw up I even fell asleep with my face in the toilet bowl.

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