Stole my heart

Amanda Dasilva is an ordinary girl.. But when her mother dies her family gets kicked out onto the street begging for money or food. After that she has nothing left, She doesn't know anything about the world at all and she is a loner. When she starts working for Mark Lance he keeps her hostage and uses her as a slave. She is forced to steal.She can't take it anymore, She runs away and meets a Blonde.


10. Lots of Kissing, and Laughter

Niall's P.O.V.

Amanda wouldn't stop crying so I carried her in my arms. I decided to walk to the house which only took 15 minutes. 

As soon as we reached I opened the door to see two alarmed little girls on the couch. They both hopped off, and hid behind the couch. 

One of them stood up. Please don't call the cops!! We were just looking for our sister!! She said holding up her hands in defense. 

I shook my head, Can you tell me why your looking for your sister, and why your not home? I asked. 

The younger one got out from behind the couch, Our mommy died and our sister takes care of us but she never came back home so we got scared and left! 

I looked at her amazed, Wow.. 

Amanda woke up, and as soon as she made eye contact with the two girls she knelt down and they raced into her arms. 

I'm guessing they are your sisters? I asked kneeling down beside her. She nodded through tears, Niall... Thanks.. SO MUCH! She said tackling me. 

She was on top of me, and we looked at each other and finally connected our lips. That was when the door opened to a soaked Harry. 

He rushed in and past us going up the stairs. We all watched in awe and confusion. 

I looked back at Amanda, and we continued our kiss. 

Then Harry came back downstairs, He was no longer wet and he was wearing fresh clothes. 

Can someone explain exactly what is going on? He asked raising an eyebrow. 

Well!! My mommy died, and our sister takes care of use and she never came back home so we got scared and left then we came here and then turns out Niall found her, and then they starting kissing on the floor!! Yucky right? The little girl said, 

We all looked at her and laughed. Amanda got off of me. 

Harry this is Amanda.. I said as we both stood up. Harry stood there examining her and then smiled. 

Harry Styles.. And your names are? He said looking at the little girls. 

I'm Kendall.. And this is Jessie.. Kendall said. 

He nodded, Well the boys kicked me out of the car after I got naked so I had to get dressed in the soaking wet behind a bush.

We all laughed. 

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