Stole my heart

Amanda Dasilva is an ordinary girl.. But when her mother dies her family gets kicked out onto the street begging for money or food. After that she has nothing left, She doesn't know anything about the world at all and she is a loner. When she starts working for Mark Lance he keeps her hostage and uses her as a slave. She is forced to steal.She can't take it anymore, She runs away and meets a Blonde.


33. Finding out the truth

Niall's P.O.V.

So the kids don't belong to me.. Niall said burrying his head into his knees, 

She nodded slowly, I'm sorry Niall.. She was drunk. 

I stood up, and pointed to Harry who was sitting there full of guilt, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!! I'LL NEVER TRUST YOU AGAIN! I yelled. Tears formed into my eyes. 

If she told me we could've worked it out... I said in a small whisper. 

I plugged in my head phones and blocked out all the drama. All I heard was Amanda screaming in pain as she delievered that child. 

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