Stole my heart

Amanda Dasilva is an ordinary girl.. But when her mother dies her family gets kicked out onto the street begging for money or food. After that she has nothing left, She doesn't know anything about the world at all and she is a loner. When she starts working for Mark Lance he keeps her hostage and uses her as a slave. She is forced to steal.She can't take it anymore, She runs away and meets a Blonde.


28. Confession

Amanda's P.O.V. 

I woke up to everyone surrouding me. 

What going on? I asked in a weak voice. 

You were almost g-gone.. Liam said studdering a bit. 

I cracked a small smile, And looked down at Harry. He hovered above me with his cute innocent little smile. 

Harry.. I need to talk to you in private. I have a confession to make.. I said sitting up as everyone exited the room. 

What is it love.. You can tell me anything... He said stroking my cheek. 

I-I'm pregnant.. I confessed as tears streamed down my face. 

Harry's face went blank and he teared up. T-That's g-great.. He said hugging me. I smiled a bit. 

Don't tell Niall.. I'm afraid he'll leave me... I said shivering. 

YOUR DATING NIALL? Harry asked frowning. I nodded slowly. 

I thought we were gonna be a family.. He said as a tear dripped from his cheek. 

I'm so sorry.. I said crying onto his shoulder. 

It's fine.. As long as the baby is mine we will be a family in my mind.. 

I nodded, I'm 5 months.. That's why I've been so sickk..

He smiled, I'm so happy.. 

I chuckled.

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