Stole my heart

Amanda Dasilva is an ordinary girl.. But when her mother dies her family gets kicked out onto the street begging for money or food. After that she has nothing left, She doesn't know anything about the world at all and she is a loner. When she starts working for Mark Lance he keeps her hostage and uses her as a slave. She is forced to steal.She can't take it anymore, She runs away and meets a Blonde.


18. Accident


I folded the paper up and put it on the table. I was definetly not cheating on Niall...

HEY!! WHO DID YOU GET!! The blonde girl yelled. She snatched the folded paper off the table and looked down at it. 

Everyone oohed and aahed. WHO IS IT? A kid in the back shouted. 

HARRY STYLES!! She said laughing and smling. 

Harry looked at me, and smirked. He picked up his drink and led me upstairs into the room. 

H-Harry.. This isn't such a good idea..I said backing away from him. I could tell he was drunk. 

C'mon babe.. He said  pushing me onto the bed. 

He quickly planted a kiss on my lips, and grabbed my leg. 

HARRY!! I SAID NO!! I yelled whipping his hand away. 

He flinched at me, And threw me onto the bed locking the door, He grabbed my face and made me gulp down all the beer in the glass. 

Before I knew it.. I was wasted.. And I regret EVERYTHING i did that day.. 

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