Back For You

This is just a Valentine's Day story... I didn't really think about it much. I've found out the best stories come from just writing and not really knowing the ending until it somehow fits. So, tell me what you guys think :) Thank you for reading!


3. *writter's note. please read*

Hello, my lovelies!!

I am so sorry the last chapter ended so abruptly...

 I needed to be somewhere so I was going to put it as a draft, but I accidentally pressed the 'Save and Publish' button. When I tried to press 'Edit' but it didn't let me... so I will start the next chapter where I left off from the last. I believe this also happened with my other Fan Fiction... I'm really sorry. My computer is really crappy.

I hope you guys like it so far!

Please Favorite, and Share and everything else that you can do to it.

I REALLY appreciate criticism.

Okay. Carry on with your lives. I will update soon, I promise!!



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