Back For You

This is just a Valentine's Day story... I didn't really think about it much. I've found out the best stories come from just writing and not really knowing the ending until it somehow fits. So, tell me what you guys think :) Thank you for reading!


4. end of chapter 2/ beginging of chapter 3: Up All Night


"Hi, Dani, what's going on?" Danielle has been Liam Payne's girlfriend on again, off again, for the past few years, but she's always been a great friend of mine, since I met her when Harry and I went public.

"The girls and I are going to hit up the club tomorrow night. You in?" ( If you didn't know, when Danielle says  by 'the girls' she means Perry, Zayn's girlfriend, Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend, and Taylor, Harry's good friend who never really dated anyone in the band, but we're still really good friends with.)

"Um." I hesitate.

"Listen, Tul, I know it's been hard being without Harry for this long, but you should still live while he's gone, you should have some fun once in a while, Harry would want you to be happy even when he's not around!"

"I AM happy! I DO have fun!" I say defensively

"Really?" she says unconvinced "when was the last time you went to a bar?"

"Two weeks ago! Harry took me to the pub around the corner from our flat"

"without Harry." she corrected

I knew that was her original question, but I didn't have an answer for that. I almost only go out with Harry. and now that he's gone...


"See? Without Harry around you just stay home and never go anywhere. but that's going to change. You are coming to the pub tomorrow and we are making a new schedule so you don't end up sitting up in your bed at 2 AM waiting for Harry to call you when he gets off work in America!"

"I.." I try to come up with some other reason I was up this late. "okay." I commit.

"Yay! So we're meeting at Bubby's tomorrow night around 8:00. Don't be late!"

I sigh not really wanting to go but know I should. "fine." I hang up and lay back down the way I was before: on my back legs dangling over the side. and drift off to sleep.






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