Back For You

This is just a Valentine's Day story... I didn't really think about it much. I've found out the best stories come from just writing and not really knowing the ending until it somehow fits. So, tell me what you guys think :) Thank you for reading!


1. Alone on Valentine's Day

I sit on me and my boyfriend's bed alone in the early morning light. I look at the calender on the wall and see it's Valentine's Day. I ussually spend this day of love and happiness alone. Before it was because I didn't have anyone to spend it with, but this year it's because my boyfriend, Harry, is in America on his world tour, with his band One Direction. I miss him so much. I have ever since he left a few months back. He said he was going to do something unforgetable before he got the news he was going to be gone Valentine's weekend.

I look outside and see it's cloudy. I get up and turn on the TV in the livingroom in our little flat. The Weather Channel is already on.

"Today is going to be cloudy and rainy. Remember to bring your umbrella!" the weatherman says. I go back into the bedroom take a short shower, pick out a sleevless green blouse, black jeans, and a long, grey sweater to put on top. As I get dressed I hear a buz which indecates someone is at the door. I pull over my sweater, go over to the front door and look through the peekhole.

"Hi" Jessica says waving with a sad smile. I open the door and she hugs me imidiotly.

"What happened?" I ask worried.

"H- he..." she starts crying. She needn't say more. I know what happened.

"Come sit." I say walking my broken-hearted best friend over to the couch.

"Tell me everything." she nodds and takes a deep breath before speaking.

"We went to Brandon's house to celebrate our 3rd anniversary, I was just going to suprise him-" she puts her hands on her face and cries soft sobs into her palms. once she was alright to talk again she took another shaky breath and continued, "I had a key so I walk in and no one was there, I walked up into his bedroom, and-and, he was in bed with another girl." I put my hand over my mouth and hold her as she cries. I don't know how long we were in that possition before she got up and looked straight at me,

"You do everything you can to hold on to Harry for as long as possible. He is a good guy. Brandon wasn't. I knew that from the beggining. I should never had trusted him, after-" she stops and looks down saddly. "I hope to God, he will be the one for you, you two deserve eachother." I feel tears fill my eyes and fall down either sides of my face.

"I miss him so much it hurts." we hug again. after a while of talking and crying she tells me she needs to leave because she had to call off a dinner reservation for two.

After she leaves I pick up my Iphone4S and dial Harry's number.

"Hello?" I smile at the sound of his voice. I want so badly just to tell him "come home. I can't live life without you. I need to see you. I want you. I want to feel you." but I can't. I can't cut him from living his dream. I press the 'End' button as I wipe away the salty tear from my cheek. my phone vibrates almost immioitly after I set it down.


"Babe. What's wrong?" Harry seems worried sick.

"Oh nothing. I just needed to hear your voice." I hear him take a breath of relief.

"Don't do that again! I thought you were hurt!" I laugh at the thought of him being genuinly worried.

"No, no just a little heartache." I want to take my words back but it's the truth.

"Babe, I miss you so much it hurts." I feel my heart skip a beat as a new tear runs down

"You don't know how hard it's been being here without you all these months."

"I promise I'll be home soon." We sit in silence for a while before he says

"Listen, They're freaking out, about me. I have to go, but let's talk tonight, maybe Skype?" I nod as if he can see me because I feel like if I speak I'll end up toppling over in tears.

"Alright." I say unvolentarilly

"I love you, Flower"

"I love you too, Harry"

 I hang up the phone with feelings of happiness and saddness at the same time.

I don't know how long I can keep this up.

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