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Ashley houston is 20 years old shes very very famous but when she takes a six month brake and is forced to live with the boys of one direction every thing kind of goes south she does all the things she said shed never do including falling in love


2. The meet

Ashleys p.o.v.

"hi im ashley " i smiled sticking out my hand to shake with liam payne " and im liam im very sorry for anything the boys do to make you feel awkward and forany pranks they pull just saying that in advance" he chuckled i gilggled along with him " thanks liam so wheres everyone else" i asked him " there all recording at the studio i was left here to greet you since im the only normal one around here" he replied with a smile " NORMAL!!!???" a high pitched scream sai behind you followed by a ton of laughter " this lad here has a fear of spoons hi im louis the tommo tomlinson and you must be ashley " the screaming boy said to me " uh yeah uh liam can you show me to my room please " i asked " sure thing love " he said giving louis a glare this i going to be a looooong six months i sighed
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