Loved You First *Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction*

What happens when life-long (literally since birth!) best friends Claire and Louis lose a friendship so unbreakable? One Direction tore Louis away, leaving Claire in the dust. Can she move on? When Louis comes back after years and years, can they just 'pick up' where they left off? Read "Loved You First" to find out just how much friendship, love, and tragedy can impact on two lives.


12. Trying on the DRESS, I hate Brenda, and Tragedy--all rolled into one!


I slipped the dress on.


It didn't fit. My heart SANK to my feet. My dream dress doesn't fit.

"Is there any other size in this model?" I asked, hopeful.

"Well, no, er, yes, but I'm afraid it's the one on the manniquin." Brenda said, fake-feeling-bad-for-me. She was such an idiot.

"I'll take it if it's a size down." I said. I was still in the game.

"I wasn't giving you the option to get it. I just said the only other model was the one on--"

"I KNOW. Do you want my business or not?" I said. Brenda really didn't want me getting this dress.

"Not if you are going to act like a three year old."

"It's MY wedding. I can act as childish as I want." I raised an eyebrow.

"Ugh. Why were you put with me? Such a disgrace." She whispered.

"You suck at whispering." I fired. This was fun.

"You suck at comebacks." She tried to mimick my voice.

"Thanks." I pretended it was a compliment, smiled, then got my game face on.

"If you want my money, you give me a chance to try on the dress. Am I clear?" I said firmly. I never get to be the big guy, and it felt weird.

She didn't take it too well, though.

"Ugh, only to get this appointment overwith. I'll see what I can do." Brenda said, throwing her hands up.

"Thank you." I said.

As she left, another woman took her place. It was my mom. She was crying with her phone in her hand.

"What's the matter?" I asked, jolting from my seat.

"It's Grandma. She's in the hospital. She had a massive stroke, and now her head is bleeding internally." Mom sobbed. Soon I was hugging her doing the same.

"Why?! Why does this happen to-to-to us?" I said, choking on my tears.

Brenda came in five minutes later.

"Jeez! I'm gone looking for YOUR DRESS FOR FIVE MINUTES AND YOU ARE ALREADY CRYING? GROW UP!" She screamed. That was before she realized my mother had joined the room.

"Oh, ma'am. I'm dearly sorry. I didn't mean it. I'm a little stressed today. Can I offer a discount on the dress you like?" She kept throwing deals out, as if it were to make things better.

I pulled the dress on. By then, my face was drenched, and my makeup smeared. It fit. Something didn't feel right. Part of my heart was slowly falling apart. Maybe it was the same for Grandma, that her life was slowly slipping away out of her reach.

"I'll take it." I said. Mom paid, then I ran to the car.




As soon as I arrived home, I ran up to the bedroom and cried for hours. I got a text from Mom saying we would leave for the States tomorrow at 4 am. That's where my grandparents live. I was born right in town with them, but moved to Doncaster two days after. Our house was broken into, and the idiot tried to kill me; a day old baby girl.



I called Claire.

"How's the planning going, love?" I asked.

"Fine." she said through chokes of her tears.

"Well obviously not! Where are you now?" I asked.

"My house." Claire said. Something was up.

"I'll be there in 2."

I hung up and drove to Claire's house. I let myself in, then ran upstairs to meet a sickening Claire. She was weak, depressed, and looked hazey under all the smeared makeup. She looked at me, then fell into her used-to-be-white pillow, which was now dotted with black smudges.

"Claire-Bear, you are going to tell me right now what is going on." I looked over to her closet where I found a suitcase that was too full to zip completely.

I sat down at her desk.


Her dead eyes looked at me.

" dying." She choked out.

I ran to her bed. Then engulfed her in a hug.

"Love, I'm so sorry. When do you leave?" I whispered.

"Tomorrow at 4 am. I'm not ready, Lou." She squeezed my hand. She was freezing.

"Honey, you're super cold!"

"I know. I'm too depressed to put on a blanket."

For the next 3 hours, I did everything I could to make her feel better. We watched movies, had arm wrestles, went out for ice cream, and "played" at the park. She didn't partcipate, just looked blankly into the sky. The life was slowly being drained out of her as if a giant vaccuum squeezed her to death. A smile never appeared, and a frown never left. It seemed like ages one tear would fall from her ocean blue eyes to her cheek. It was tearing me apart to see her like this.

"I got it!" I yelled.

She stared at me coldly.

"I'm going to the States with you tomorrow." I grinned. And added a wink to get a smile on her face. Only instead I got a shake of the head and a no.

"You don't deserve me like this Louis. You never have, never will." Claire said, fighting back tears.

I put my hand on her cheek.

"Claire, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don't know where you are coming up with this crap, but snap out of it. I'm going to the US with you if you like it or not." I said. Her eyes softened.

"OH, LOUIS. I'M SUCH AN IDIOT. MY LIFE SUCKS. I SHOULD JUST GO KILL MYSELF NOW." Claire screamed, running away. I got a hold of her wrist.

"Never say that again. Never. Never. Never. And Claire, if you think I don't love you and you are not good enough for me, I hate to admit it, but you are wrong. If anything brings us apart, just know...

I loved you first."

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