Loved You First *Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction*

What happens when life-long (literally since birth!) best friends Claire and Louis lose a friendship so unbreakable? One Direction tore Louis away, leaving Claire in the dust. Can she move on? When Louis comes back after years and years, can they just 'pick up' where they left off? Read "Loved You First" to find out just how much friendship, love, and tragedy can impact on two lives.


8. Thursday Part 1!!!!! Surprises surprises!


I felt alot better, so I went to school. Everyone was staring at me, and it was awkward. Even my "friend," Lindsey whispered about me. Morning classes flew by, lunch with Lou was fun, and afternoon classes were a dread. Somehow I managed to survive them, though.

I pulled into the driveway, then walked inside. The lights were off, but a few candles dimmed the living room. Little Things was playing softly. What was going on?! Then, Lou walked in wearing a tux, and holding a rose.

"Good afternoon, love." He smiled.

"Hello...what is all this, babe?" I asked.

"Can't a guy try and satisfy his girlfriend?"

"You can't satisfy me anymore, Lou-Boo." I grinned.

"Well I can try!"

A gourmet dinner was served, then he changed and we went to the infamous park. The best place on Earth.

We played football for a while, then laid on the soft grass. We stood up and gazed into each others' eyes. I melted. His eyes. I lose myself EVERY TIME.......-----










"Claire-Bear," Lou said getting down on one knee, "Will you marry me?" He pulled out a ring.




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