Loved You First *Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction*

What happens when life-long (literally since birth!) best friends Claire and Louis lose a friendship so unbreakable? One Direction tore Louis away, leaving Claire in the dust. Can she move on? When Louis comes back after years and years, can they just 'pick up' where they left off? Read "Loved You First" to find out just how much friendship, love, and tragedy can impact on two lives.


3. Sleepover with Lou!


We spent the WHOLE night talking, and I'm not overexaggerating. We got settled at 8:30 pm, then finally fell asleep at 7 am. We laughed and ate our favorite foods, then put in home videos of both of us in them.

Josh! I have to talk to him.

"Lou--I'll be right back." I said, getting up.

"Where ya going, love?" He asked.

I held up my phone and told him I had to speak to Josh. Lou nodded his head and waved me away.

"Hi Claire." I heard Josh say into the phone.

"Hey....I gotta talk to you."

"About??" He asked.

"Umm, uhh, well, us, I guess." I said, awkwardly.

"What do you mean? Everything's fine.....right?" Josh said.

"Yeah, er--no. I'm breaking up with you." I laid down my point of the call then and there. It was awkward and embarrassing because Josh gave a long pause.

"Kay. That's cool." WHAT?! The sensitive and easy-to-hurt Josh I was so careful to talk to just blows it off and doesn't care??!! I felt rejected, annoyed, mad, and a bit sad. I worked SO HARD to make him happy and I made sure to always say the right things. I was furious.

"YOU DON'T CARE?! What happened to the sensitive Josh I broke up with a few minutes ago?" I asked him.

"Well, I cheated on you. And I know you did the same." He said. Josh cheated on me. I cheated on him. Wait--what?!

"I cheated on YOU?! What are you talking about?" I was even madder now that he accused me of that.

"I saw you at the park with your so-called 'friend'. The willow tree, yeah, I saw it all." Ohh, he saw the kiss, and Lou & I messing around. I guess the kiss wasn't messing around, though. Did that count as cheating? I mean, we're best friends...but still, is it?

"Well, it's kind of tradition to kiss under that willow tree. For me and my friend, I mean." I said, slowly.

"Tradition? So how long has it been going on?" Josh snapped.

"Only once--"

"Once is enough to call it cheating, Claire!" he fired.

"When we were 15. Before you came to town..."

Another long pause.

"And why are you yelling at me? You're just as guilty! Who's this 'girl' that you cheated on me with?" I asked.


"Talia Gregory? You like her?!"

"Yeah, got a problem with it?"

"No not at all. Just wondering. How long has it been since you started dating her, huh?"

"Uh, 3 months I think." That's when we started dating....?

"So I never was your only girlfriend?"

"No, I guess not. Can we just call it quits already?" Josh said. I heard a female's voice in  the background."Just a sec, Talia." Oh, that's who's voice it was.

"Fine." I quickly hung up.

I stormed into the bedroom where Lou was laying on the bed, staring at me.

"I take it that went well!" Lou-Boo joked.

"Lou, you're so obnoxious."

"Claire, you're so cute."

We were soon laughing and having a "you're so..." war.


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