Loved You First *Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction*

What happens when life-long (literally since birth!) best friends Claire and Louis lose a friendship so unbreakable? One Direction tore Louis away, leaving Claire in the dust. Can she move on? When Louis comes back after years and years, can they just 'pick up' where they left off? Read "Loved You First" to find out just how much friendship, love, and tragedy can impact on two lives.


1. Coming Home

*Louis POV*

I am so excited to finally be back home. It's been two years since I actually stayed in Doncaster for more than a day. Something is really urging to go home immediately. I don't know what, though.


Of course! My BEST FRIEND since birth was Claire Summers. We used to text when I first left Doncaster, but haven't at all anymore. I have always had a major crush on her, but never told her. I know it would ruin our friendship.


"Claire, guess who's coming home today?" Mum called from the kitchen.

"Who?" I replied.

"Louis Tomlinson!!" My head jerked up from the couch. WHAT?!? My bestest friend in the whole wide world is coming home? Well, my old bestest friend. We haven't talked or texted since pretty much well, when he lived next door.

I must say, I am a HUGE Directioner. I mean, why wouldn't I stalk the guy I've loved my whole life? I never have or would tell him. He wouldn't feel the same way back. I'm just the ugly red-headed, freckled girl everyone hates.

Well, except for my boyfriend...

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