The Emerald Isle

Sixteen year old Skyler Mcneese has always known that she was different. Ever since the day that her mom left when she was only six years old everything in her life changed. She began seeing things that she couldnt explain but she always tried to hide it and pretend like it was nothing. Until one day when a boy who has saved her more times then she can count in her visions mysteriously shows up at her school with information about her family, herself, and her mothers dissaperance. Now ghosts from her familys past are out to get her as she is just learning to except her destiny, and her newlyfound powers. Will Skyler survive to fulfill her destiny? or will the demons she has been hiding from her whole life finally suceed in controlling her and her powers? and what will happen in her blooming romance with Aiden, the boy from her visions or will she fall for another? well you better read and find out!!��


2. Planes,introductions,and realizations<3

"Okay I'm ready to leave, I just have to go grab some things from my house and then you can like zap us out of here or something" I say, where this sudden confidence boost came from I have no idea but I'm grateful for it. "You really think that's how it works?" Aiden asks with an amused smile inching its way across his face. "Do you have to be so vague all the time! How what works?" I say irritatedly. "Well the fact that you think I can just zap us out of here your the one with the powers so If anyone would be zapping us out of anywhere it would be you" he laughs. "Sorry this is all kind of insane I just assumed everybody's magical and junk" I say giving him a stereotypical teenage eye roll. "Um no not everyone is magical and junk actually you are one of the only humans that is" he says. "But we will be traveling by plane we can't risk the demons or gods sensing any powerful magic and tracking us down" he adds. "Oh and there's no need to go by your house you have everything you could ever want waiting for you at your grandparents estate" . "But what about my dad I can't just leave with no explanation he will be worried sick!" I protest feeling the guilt begin to bubble up inside of me I'm the only thing my dad has left I can't bear to leave him without a trace like my mom did I'm just not sure he would be able to take it. "Skyler he has always known this day would come your forgetting that your dad is a part of this world to its your destiny and there is no fighting it he has known this since the day you were born he's going to be fine" he says his tone as sharp as glass. "So does everyone hate my dad?" I ask. "Well not everyone hates him but very few approve of him" aiden says with finality. "Do you hate him?" I ask innocently afraid to hear his response I feel myself invoulantarily cringe. "Well my loyalty will always be to the O'Neil family and I'm not really in a position to hate anyone you can't judge a book by its cover,plus your dad can't be as bad as they say because without him you wouldn't exist"he says looking down shyly and is he blushing? No, it's probably just my imagination god I have got to cut back on my caffeine intake two coffees every morning aren't doing me any favors, well actually maybe one favor they keep me from passing out in first period gym but still I think I'm going to have to cut back cause I'm obviously delusional. I scan my brain for something witty,charming and or amazing to say but of course being the huge dork that I am I try to continue the conversation like the last part of what he said never happened. "What do you mean your not in a position to hate anyone?" I ask desperate to change the subject away from myself.And just as he opens his mouth to answer the final bell blares and school is officially out. Crap I skipped a whole class my dad is going to KILL me and then I remember that I probably won't be seeing my dad again for a very long time, and my mood becomes significantly worse as reality comes crashing down on me what if I can't live up to all of these expectations? I didn't even know I had any kind of magic except for popping into random places in my dreams and visions but that's hardly miraculous. I can feel the world spinning around me as I think of everything I'm leaving behind and just how much my life is going to change. I'm pulled out of my nano second of depression when I see Sydney heading my way, my best friend since kindergarten and I'm never going to see her ever again oh crap here come the water works. As Sydney moves closer to me I grab her into a big bear hug and cry my eyes out as she awkwardly pats me on the back. "So she knows?" I hear Sydney asking over my loud sobs. "Yeah as of a few minutes ago" I hear Aiden reply. Wait what? Is Sydney in on this? No,no she can't be my insane, fun, spaz of a friend the person I have known for nearly my whole life, no way shes a part of this psycho cheesy blockbuster I feel like my life is suddenly becoming. "Well it's about time sky" Sydney laughs as she easily realses herself from the death grip I have around her. "No,no knew!" I stutter as I look from her to Aiden and back again. "The whole time sky,the clans needed to get someone to get to know you on a personal level and Aiden couldnt exactly do that so they chose me I thought that would click for you when you heard the names of the five great clans I mean come on sky you have known me for forever! and I have left so many hints and plus the fact that my last name is O'Brian I have been living with my aunt and uncle here since kindergarten so I could get to know you and so we could connect as a team but we still have four others to meet aka the youngest members of the other clans and then I suppose we will be a team why they chose me to get close to you I still don't know but apparently the oracles saw us being close friends and look they were right!" Sydney says so fast I hardly have time to make out what she's saying. "So this whole thing was planned out you were never really my friend!" I scream as rage overtakes me, the one person I thought I trusted more then anyone and it turns out that they were just following orders,acting, faking the whole time our entire friendship is a lie. "No,no I have always been your friend sky they chose me because they knew that we were going to be friends"Sydney says calmly, rationally, god I hate how she can be so calm when I'm practically screaming at her. "Sky I know everything that there is to know about you I have always been your friend and I always will be your friend" she says and for emphasis of course she holds up our matching best friend necklaces. A part of me wants to believe her but the other part feels betrayed, and hurt I hear the words "it was all just a lie" echo through my head. "God does anyone really care about me! I mean if I didn't have powers or whatever I'm pretty sure I would be all alone here no actually I take it back if I didn't have powers then I would still have my mom it's all my fault!" I sob oh gosh here comes the break down I'm crashing and burning into hysteria town, I think as I turn my back on Sydney and aiden and begin running the other way. I have absolutely no idea where I am going but anywhere is better then there. After about ten minutes of running im out of breath and Aiden is suddenly in front of me. Crap, I knew I should have signed up for track! "Please just leave me alone ill go with you okay, isn't that all you care about just give me a minute" I snap. "No, that's not all I care about Skyler take all the time you need I care that you are okay" he says with a soft soothing voice and concern filling his mesmerizing eyes. "Are you sure that your not like doctor Phil in disguise or something you calm me down and make me feel better much to easily I have a reputation for being a little bit more stubborn" I say. "What can I say I have that effect on girls" he says cockily with his silver eyes glinting mischievously . "And dr.phil is officially gone and look Aidens back!" I say sarcastically. "You know you really shouldn't dissapear like that" I add cracking a slight smile. "I know, you would miss me to much" he jokes. "Oh my gosh have I actually discovered a gasp..personality in mr.serious protector?" I laugh. "Well I guess we will just have to find out I tend to be very shy" he says. "And I find that very hard to believe" I says mocking his tone. "Now Skyler I'm hurt deeply" he says in an over dramatic tone putting a hand to his chest. "You'll live" I snort as I brush past him on my way back over to where Sydney is standing determined to pull myself together and apologize,I hate when I'm wrong but I know that Sydney really is a true friend I guess all this craziness just got to me. "I don't know that was a pretty low blow" he says as he suddenly appears by my side. "Dude you have got to stop doing that your freaking me out" I say. "Do what? Oh you mean this?" He asks innocently before he takes off running towards where Sydney is standing which is a good mile away from us. He is a blur he's so fast and he's back by my side in a split second." No powers my ass" I laugh as he returns back to my side. "Nope no powers just enhanced abilities that most humans have" he says matter of factly. "Oh excuse me for not assuming that what's next unicorns? Or mermaids?" I laugh. "Oh silly skyler unicorns don't exist! But mermaids are a different story" he says lifting his eyebrows. "No way" I reply. "Way" he says mocking my tone and slight valley girl accent. I give him a satisfying shove and laugh as he falls to the ground. "Whoops" I shrug inoccently.He extends his hand for help up and I roll my eyes and pull but instead he pulls me down to the ground-hard. "Hey you could have been a little more gentle!" I say while attempting to pick bits of grass and dirt out of my hair."sorry ill remember to be more gentle with you the next time you push me to the ground violently" he snorts. " good, cause at this rate there are plenty more times to come" I say. "Oh really?" He asks questioning lifting his eyebrows. "Oh yes" I laugh. Then he shoves me playfully and I shove him back and I guess this goes on for a while because I soon see Sydney standing over us as our laughter dies down. "Sorry to break up this little love fest but we have a plane to catch" Sydney says looking well, angry as she waves three tickets in front of our faces."my lady" Aiden says in the most snotty fake British accent as he extends his hand to help me off the ground. "Not your lady" I snort as he is tugging me off the ground. "We'll see about that" he whispers as he finally manages to pull me up. "In your dreams" I reply laughing. "Last time I checked I'm pretty sure I'm in yours, and you didn't have any bad things to say about me when you were sleep talking in first period". He says in a sing song voice.Aw crap, busted I think as I recall my early comments about Aiden and feel my face turn the same shade of crimson as earlier when Sydney told me about the horrific event. Not finding a single smart come back I decide that silence is my best bet as I follow behind Sydney to the student parking lot and we hop into her white sports car. Aiden hops over the door of the convertible with ease snagging the passenger seat as Sydney climbs into the drivers seat. "Sorry you have to be at least this tall to sit in the front, no children allowed" he says sarcastically holding his hand up to just above my height. "Ah your forgetting the other policy no jerks allowed sorry shot guns mine" I say placing a hand on my hip tapping my foot waiting for my rightful seat. "Okay that's totally fine you can always sit on my lap" he says patting his legs laughing. "Yeah I'll have to pass on that offer" I say as I reluctantly climb into the back. As we near the airport Sydney blasts our favorite song of the moment girl on fire by Alicia keys. "Oh yes" I say as we begin to sing to the top of our lungs "she's just a girl and she's on fireee" I sing and then point to Sydney as she continues "dealing with catastrophe but she knows she can fly away" and we continue tag team singing until we reach the front of the airport parking garage. "Did you enjoy our concert?" I laugh as i poke my head up front to look and see Aidens probably irritated or horrified face but nope he's smiling. "Hey we weren't that bad!" I say assuming he's probably laughing at us. "No, you guys are actually pretty good like really good" he says seemingly honestly. And then I realize that Aiden is the only other person I have ever sung in front of besides Sydney and I'm suddenly self conscious I love singing and writing songs, just not the whole singing in front of people thing. Eventually after a good hour of Sydney bickering with the lady at the gate we are sitting in style in first class seats how we got here I'm afraid to ask but I'm not complaining. Sydney could argue her way into anything it's part of her charm.And let me just say first class is as awesome as it is in movies amazing food, recliner chairs with a built in back massager a girl could really get use to this. Or let me rephrase that it WAS amazing in the few moments before the person sitting next to me showed up, let's just say I shouldn't have picked the window seat which left me kind of trapped especially because this guy not only took up his own seat but also half of mine.oh gosh this is going to be a long, cramped plane ride. I look over this guys belly, which is no small accomplishment!And shoot a pleading glance at where Aiden and Sydney are sitting across from me. Sydney and Aiden are both laughing hysterically. Oh great, some help they are. I pull out my phone from my pocket and shoot Sydney a text HELP!!! If i get squished to death it's your fault!! I angrily press send. And attempt to look over to see Sydney's response to bad I can't manage to move, not even a little bit. Must suck! She texts back. Give Aiden the phone.:/ I send. what seems to be the problem?;) the text reads. Oh nothing much, just being squished to death how long is this flight? I send. 13 hilarious hours and by the way your expression=priceless he texts back. Some protector you are:/ I send. Hey,protecting you from large sweaty guys squishing you is not in my job description,good luck see you in thirteen hours:'D I read. Oh great,just great. Thirteen agonizing hours later we arrive at the Dublin airport. "Oh I'm alive" I say dramatically falling to the floor as we exit the gate. "What a relief i was really worried you wouldnt make it"Sydney laughs "oh you smell lovely though" she adds sarcasm lacing her voice."Oh god" I say as I take in the full smell of my Newly sweat soaked shirt the disgusting part, most of it is not even my sweat. "You can always just take your shirt off" Aiden jokes. "Haha okay!" I say as I grab at the end of My shirt as if I'm going to really take my shirt off in the middle of the airport no thank you. Instead I punch Aiden in the stomach "ouch" he whines."Deserved it" I comment as I head towards the nearest gift shop. Thank god I have forty dollars in my pocket just enough to buy a kiss me I'm Irish t-shirt and a plain pair Of black leggings. Well it's not the best outfit ever but it was this or sweaty shirt and sweatpants. I pay for the clothes and slip out of the store. "Oh look at that sexy outfit" Sydney laughs and i do a little twirl complete with infomercial hand gestures of my outfit. Sydney and Aiden clap accordingly. "So what's the plan" I ask. "There should be a car from your grandparents that's waiting to pick us up outside. "Ohh fancy" I laugh as we make our way outside.and sure enough there in front of a very large very expensive looking black limo and standing in front of it is a man in a suit that looks like it's worth more then my house holding a sign that reads O'Neil. He opens the door and I slip in a little less then gracefully but hey I didn't face plant on the ground either.As I take in the whole of my sorroundings I feel my jaw drop four plasma screen tv's are facing every which way, there is a mini fridge stocked with all of my favorite foods, and pretty much anything and everything you could ever want am I in heaven? As we drive away from the airport I grab an armful of twizzlers, sprite, and sun chips. "Wow hungry much?" Aiden laughs. "Kind of considering you made me miss lunch and I didn't have time to eat breakfast this morning" I reply through a mouthful of sun chips. As we finally get out of the city I roll my window down to take in the sights. "Wow" I hear myself gasp as I stare at the stark beauty of the landscape miles and miles of rolling lush green hills, and jagged rocky cliffs that dip down into beautiful beaches with churning gray and blue waters, and hypnotizing crystal clear streams that shimmer and sparkle in the afternoon sunshine and are lined with looming trees. And the air smells clean,and fresh, and comforting. And much to soon we are pulling into an insanely long driveway we hault to a complete stop that makes me hit my head on the mini fridge I was rummaging through "ouch" I whine as I rub my injured head. "You'll live" Aiden laughs. I see a large golden gate and a guard, which our driver is currently talking to. The guard seems like he's had even more coffee then me he has a huge grin on his face and oh crap now he's pointing in our direction. I poke my head out the window slowly to try to see what the heck is going on. "Skyler!" He yells excitedly as he runs up to the window and wraps my head in a big bear hug "oh um hi?" I say. "Skyler that's your uncle" Aiden whispers into my ear. Oh that makes a lot more since then just some random guy, dang I thought people were just really friendly here. "Oh I haven't seen you since you were a baby!" He shrieks excitedly. "We'll I probably shouldn't keep your grandparents waiting they are so excited to see you". And with that the giant gates open revealing miles and miles of lush colorful gardens that line a stone lane up to an absolutely gigantic house on the top of the hill overlooking the ocean. I count at least ten stories before I can't look up and higher. DANG, I think as I suddenly become self conscious of how I look, still with a mess of wavey blonde hair, only lip balm on, and my current outfit of an oversized gift shop t shirt leggings and tennis shoes. "Sky you look fine" Sydney says noticing me gazing in the rear view mirror. "easy for you to say" I snort as I admire her outfit she's wearing a flowing emerald green dress with a sparkling golden collar, it fits her perfectly and falls right above her knees and her brown and gold boots complete the outfit so well it looks like they were made to go together, so she looks perfect as usual. Suddenly we are pulling into the driveway which is lined with large stone walls, and extravagant fountains squirting water in every which way.The driver stops the car gently and comes around to open the door for us. I climb out first and am in total awe of the size of the mansion in front of me and the property as a whole, you could fit my entire school into this house probably twenty times over. Finally we are all out of the limo. "pretty nice huh?" Aiden mutters to me noticing me gaping. "it's a little more then nice, this is insane it looks like a fairytale" I whisper back. The driver leads us up to a gigantic door made entirely of solid gold. There is a single carving of a deer and two swords crossing on the door, I'm guessing my family crest. The driver holds the door open for me and Sydney but slams it in Aidens face as he is walking in. "Half-blood" he hisses viciously as Aiden catches the door inches away from hitting him. I stare in disbelief at our driver how rude! "what was that exactly" I sheath. "why, nothing Miss O'Neil." he says polite as ever as he turns to face me. "nothing my ass, let me refresh your memory-" I begin but I'm cut off as someone grasps me in a giant bear hug. I feel the wind being knocked out of me as I turn around to see a man who looks to be about fifty with salt and pepper hair he has the look of someone who has seen a lot like a general in the army Nobel, and distinguished, but humble at the same time. Tears fill his piercing turquoise eyes which are the exact same color as my mothers I think as memories of her come back to me in a flood,then it hits me this man is my grandfather. "skyler" he says warmly as he finally releases me from the painful hug. "um hi" I say unsure of what to call him. "oh you look so much like your mother, you've grown into such a beautiful young lady" he says proudly. "well thank you I try, I try " I laugh. "well I suppose I will let you get settled in and Bridget and I will see you at the feast tonight" he announces as two maids suddenly appear by his side and while they look nothing alike they both have the same silver eyes as Aiden, I look back at him questioningly but he is suddenly gone and is following my grandfather into what appears to be an office but at least I still have Sydney. "I'm going to go see my family but I'll be back in time for the dinner I promise" Sydney says as she rushes out the door with our driver in tow. Okay so I guess I'm all alone here. The maids are still starring at me expectantly I suddenly turn around embarrassed of how rude I've been I haven't even said hello. "hi" I say flashing a bright white smile while giving an awkward wave. They both look at each other as if I'm speaking in a different language. "I'm Skyler" I say trying to make conversation. Instead of answering they both look down as if they are unsure of what to do. One gestures towards the large spiral staircase and begins walking, I guess they want me to follow them. After way to many flights of stairs I'm out of breath once again, really regretting talking during gym instead of actually doing things. We are walking down a long dimly light hallway and I feel like I have just entered the eighteenth century the wallpaper is a dark rich red and has an erie glow to it because of the candles illuminating the dimly light hallway and drawings and paintings of very distinguished looking people drapped in capes and jewels line the walls. We finally reach a large wooden door and as they open it and let me in I squeal in delight. There is a huge black cast iron bed and silky pink and gold covers with a golden lace canopy, the walls are painted in my favorite colors pink and black. And there is a 360 view of the ocean curtosey of a giant window that covers up most of the wall, and a balcony. I walk out on it to see a set of I kid you not, pure gold chairs and a matching table with a top of the line lap top with a little pink bow on top of it. I walk back into my room and take in everything I had missed before in my rush to go look out the balcony,posters of my favorite movies and plays line the walls and a roxy surfboard is laying in The corner of the room, and to the side facing a flat screen tv is a jacuzzi and oh good god there is a full sized fridge stocked with food. "your room mam" one of the maids mutters while still avoiding eye contact with me and opting to stare at the floor instead. "ohmygosh!" I scream excitedly as my words become jumbled together but I dont even care this is amazing! I begin to jump up and down like a little kid smiling from ear to ear. And apparently my happiness is contagious because I catch a small smile on their faces. I instinctively grab there hands and suddenly we are all jumping around together like me and Sydney always do when something exciting happens. I'm sure it's natural for them to because they look to be around my age maybe even a little younger. A box of gourmet chocolates is sitting on the night stand near my bed wow do these people know the way to my heart. There's a note on the box it reads "love Damon, can't wait to see you tonight." the hell who's Damon? I wonder but then shrug it off probably just another person happy to see me I guess as I fling the lid off of the giant box. "do you want some" I ask the maids. "Miss O'Neil we couldnt" the taller one replys. "it's Skyler, and you absolutely could" I reply as I shove a handful into each of their hands. "so what are your names?" I ask as I feel they are finally beginning to warm up to me. "I'm-" the shorter of the two begins but she stops dead in her tracks as a graceful looking fifty something year old women wearing way more then enough makeup enters my room. "Skyler darling, what are you doing talking to the help" she says with disgust. " just that,talking" I reply sharply I can't stand snobs, god I hope this lady isn't my grandmother i pray silently. "well can you two hurry up and fix her up please she needs to look presentable for the party gese Veronica and Erica we haven't got all day here chop chop" she says waving a hand and then just as soon as she appeared she is gone again. "oh please tell me that's not my grandmother" I say concern filling my voice carrying it a good two octaves higher then usual."that's not your grandmother,your grandmother died four years ago that is your grandfathers fiancé" they replied. "she died,how?" I ask feeling a sudden pang of sadness,j never even got a chance to know her. They share a nervous glance and remain silent. "the feast is in six hours miss Skyler, we have to start getting you ready"they reply changing the subject. "you have got to be kidding me six hours to get ready that's insane!" I say. "well then I suppose get use to insanity" the taller maid who I now know is named Erica laughs. "oh trust me I'm trying" I reply. And three horrid hours later after plucking, and brushing, and bathing, and drying, and curling, I am now currently wearing I'm assuming probably a pound of makeup, and my hair is curled I can tell that much but they won't let me see how I look until they are completely done. The current dilemma is what outfit to wear they are fighting over rather to put me in a pink or red insanely poofy over the top ball gown. They already managed to rangel me into a corset which is no small deed considering I tried to run away from it seven times but it was no use they were to fast. I open the doors to the giant walk in closet and find a dress that looks like it actually came from this century. A tight black and gold dress that falls probably a little lower then my hands do on my legs it's a little skimpier that what I would usually wear but it's way better then a ball gown, and apparently still just as expensive I guess as I read the designer label on the dress and look at the insane designer label price tag, I never want to see that many zeros again. While they are both still busy arguing outside the closet I slip into the dress and find a pair of gold heels before making my dramatic entrance into where they are. Finally they turn to face me and their jaws drop "you can't wear that to a traditonal feast and ball!" Veronica says. "this place is stuck in the eighteenth century" I say with a huff. "it could use a little modernization" I laugh giving them jazz hands. I suppose I do look a little over the top. And just as I am about to give in and wear one of the ridiculous ball gowns in pops Sydney all bright eyed and bouncing. "holyshit what are you wearing?" she says surveying my dress. "I like it" Aiden says suddenly appearing on my bed sufficiently scaring the crap out of me. "of course you do" I say sarcastically trying to compose myself from the heart attack he just caused me. "so I guess this is a no?" I ask Sydney. "sorry I don't exactly know the dresscode for this" I say. "well it sure as hell is not dress like a hooker themed" Sydney laughs. "aw dang really darn" I joke. "well then why don't you help me?" I ask giving her my signature puppy dog eyes. "fine" she shrugs prancing over to me with a silky Green dressing tow. "I can help" Aiden announces. "sorry no boys allowed" I say sticking out my tounge feeling a lot like a little kid as I shove him out of my room and close the door shut and lock it to for safe measure. after what seems like an eternity of searching for a dress we finally find it, "the one". The coveted dress that looks like it was made for you and is never easy to find. It's a strapless red floor length dress but instead of being poofy it clings to my body perfectly and the top half is covered in crystals. It looks amazing, or so I'm told because I still am being denied the right to see myself in the mirror."ready?" Sydney asks as she is about to turn the full length mirror in my closet around. "move that bus!" I laugh pumping my fist in the air because honestly that's how i feel like I'm on one of those cheesy makeover shows. I'm taken back by what I see I dont look like myself at all, my large almond shape turquoise eyes are lined perfectly with black and done up in a smokey eye. My cheeks look rosey and glowing and for the firs time in my life you can actually see that I have cheekbones, my lips are done in a red with a clear sparkly gloss over them, and my skin looks flawless. It's like looking at someone else in the mirror instead of yourself, someone you wish you could be. I run a hand through my perfectly curled hair that has turned into less curls and more waves but I like it better that way anyways. I take in the beauty of my dress it does fit me perfectly outlining my tiny waist and large chest and falling to the perfect length at the floor I do a little twirl and watch the crystals on the dress sparkle, I look amazing."oh my gosh wow thank you so much" I say suffocating them all in a bear hug. "we still have three hours to spare why don't you go walk around some, explore a little the guests aren't going to be here for at least another two hours and I still need to get ready" Sydney says. "are you sure you don't want me to help" I ask. "I think I'll have to pass on clothing and makeup tips from the girl who picked out a stripper dress" Sydney laughs. "hey it wasn't that bad!"I protest. "your right it was worse" Sydney laughs. "goober!" I comment as I exit my room. I know exactly where I am going to go to, I believe it's beach time. Somehow I manage to find my way out of that labyrinth of a house and through the back door to the beach. The sun has just set and the beach is illuminated by the glow and light of the house. The air is freezing cold against my skin but somehow feels good, it makes me feel alive. I kick off my heels and wiggle my toes in the cold sand and begin to walk by the shore watching the waves come in and out is probably the most relaxing thing in the world. I sigh as I taken the beauty around me the shimmering sea and the pitch black sky which serves as a perfect back drop to millions of twinkling stars, I have never seen so many stars in my life you sure as heck don't get a view like this in Los Angeles. "beautiful isn't it?" I hear a mans voice ask.I jump and look around but see no one, oh good lord maybe I'm going crazy. "behind you" the voice says again. I turn around and see an incredibly handsome boy who looks to be maybe about a year older then me. He has dark brown hair that falls perfectly, and the most beautiful piercing amber eyes, accompanied with tan skin and full pink lips he has chiseled features and a square jawline there is no competition he is the cutest guy I have ever seen. He is dressed in dress pants and a simple white collared shirt that you can see his abs through. Noticing me staring he laughs and says "take a picture it will last longer". I blush and reply "well thanks I'll remember that next time, are you here for the party?" I ask desperate to change the subject. "no, I'm here for you skyler" he says his face turning serious. Um, did i just hear him right or am i dreaming?" me? How do you even know my name" I ask taken back. "all the gods do"he replies simply "your kind of a celebrity we always know what's happening with you, you are the most powerful human we have seen in ages and that's why we are seeking your help" he adds. "so your a god?" I ask questioningly lifting my eyebrows, who knows he might just beams nut case a very cute one but still a nut case. "yes, angus god of love,music, and poetry" he says smiling. Fitting, I think to myself as i remember Aidens words about gods and all these crazy magical things actually existing."what exactly do you need my help with?" I ask curiosity overtaking me.. "you might want to sit down" he says. "in this dress that's not going to happen I can hardly breath I can't imagine sitting down in it" I laugh. "well you look amazing in it" he says scanning me up and down suceeding in making me feel totally awkward and a little creeped out."um, thanks now back to the problem at hand what's so important?" I say. "there's a great evil awakening" he starts but is cut off "Skyler the party is starting are you out here?"I hear Aiden yell. "oh a demon I can't stay around here for long, we'll talk soon, goodbye gorgeous" he says as he bows and kisses my hand and suddenly he's gone in a cloud of smoke.. And Aiden is now by my side. "what the heck were you doing out here you look like you've seen a ghost" Aiden laughs. I was about to tell him what happened but I decided against it and what was angus talking about a demon? Aren't demons like giant evil scary things I think I'd know if one of those was around here, or would I? "nothing I just took a little walk must have lost track of time, and um no I'm fine just cold" I say trying to give him a reassuring smile. I can tell that he's not convinced, but at least he's not prying. He puts a hand on my shoulder "damn skyler your freezing"he says quickly pulling his hand away and handing his jacket over towards me usually I'd refuse but I am so cold it's not even funny. I'm shaking the whole walk back so Aiden wraps his arm around me which I would also usually protest but he's insanely warm so I let him keep it there for now. We finally reach the house and I can hear glasses clinking, people laughing, and light music playing. Once we walk in I feel hundreds of eyes on us people stare and whisper and point like I'm some circus animal, and I feel totally emberassed that I showed up late for a party in my honor and more self conscious then ever because of all the people currently starring at me with there mouths hanging open. I look up at Aiden and he's just standing there smiling, laughing even and that's when I notice that his arm is still around me I shrug it off and hand him back his jacket quickly as I turn the other direction to find Sydney or my grandfather, but Aiden is still following me. "what was that all about, all those people staring" i ask him. "nothing, maybe they were just starring at you, you do look beautiful" he says. "yeah sure" I say un convinced. "they were pointing and whispering and staring I felt like some freak show" I say utterly emberassed "is it really that bad to be five minutes late?"I ask. "no,no it's not that at all let's just say people like you and people like me aren't suppose to mix and we walked in together late, and they might have got the wrong idea but it sure as hell was funny to see their faces I mean come on that was priceless!" he laughs. "oh yeah I love to be totally emberassed in front of hundreds of people it's my favorite" I joke my voice sounding flat. "and what do you mean about the whole people like you and people like me thing?" I ask with concern, he's not telling me something and I know it I hate being left in the dark. "it's nothing I ever wanted to tell you but I guess now, here there's no hiding it just promise me you won't think of me any differently?" he says sounding genuinely concerned of my opinion of him. "I promise" I say "good, then we will talk later" he says smiling as he turns and leaves me alone. Let me tell you there is nothing more awkward then being in a room full of strangers I wave and smile awkwardly as people continue to point and whisper and stare, finally someone yells "dinner!" and the crowd disperses into the large dining hall. I let out a sigh of relief oh thank god the gawking fest is over. People pour into the dining hall from every which way and I have to suppress a gag as the smell of metallic blood and meat hit me at the same time. Oh gosh, there is every kind of animal imaginable laid out on the seemingly never ending oak table in front of me drenched in a variety of strange sauces some even in blood. I really picked the wrong time to show up considering I'm a vegetarian. "you feeling okay honey you look sick?" my grandpa asks concern filling his eyes as he pats me on the back. "yeah,I'm fine it's nothing" I say trying not to be rude I mean what else would I say no, your food makes me want to throw up. "good because it's time for your toast!" he says excitedly. "I'm not really hungry" I reply. At that comment he explodes into a warm laugh. "not that kind of toast sweetheart, why don't you go take a seat at the head of the table" he says gesturing for me to go. I feel hundreds of eyes follow me as I take my seat followed by comments of "oh that must be skyler" or "did you see her walk in with that boy she looks like trouble" and a lot of "oh my she looks so much like her mother!". I try out my best miss America smile and flash it all around the table in an attempt to seem friendly. "friends, family, and comrads" my grandfather starts his booming voice echoing through the large room. "we are all gathered here today to celebrate the arrival of my granddaughter Skyler Elaine O'Neil she is finally back where she belongs among family and friends in Ireland! We have waited sixteen long years for this day and now she has finally returned to us, so please welcome my granddaughter and out next great hero back home!" his voice echoes through the halls at the end of his speech and he is met with thunderous applause as he takes his seat next to me. I watch helplessly as everyone digs into the food. I see Aiden shoot me an amused look from across the table,he could have at least warned me! "Skyler, aren't you going to eat?" my grandpa asks through a mouthful of what looks like deer, oh god my grandpa is eating bambi. "um no, I don't eat meat grandpa I'm a vegetarian" I whisper back hoping he would keep it between me and him because meat is all these people seem to eat. "you don't eat meat!" my grandpa asks much to loudly with a puzzled look on his face. I ignore the stares as I bury my face in my hands, this is going to be a long night. Finally everyone disperses from the dining hall and out to the large ball room. Yes you heard that right my grandparents have a ballroom apparently parties like this one happen pretty often to have a whole room dedicated to it specifically.I'm practically mauled by a crowd of elderly and middle aged woman as I enter the ballroom I'm starting to feel really claustrophobic in Los Angeles everyone kind of keeps their distance but here they are all up in your personal space everyone greets you with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and it's just all kinds of weird for me.So many women are talking at the same time it's hard to hear so I just occasionally nod my head and smile and say "oh really" works every time. I do manage to catch a few bits of what they are saying though a lot of "oh you are much to skinny, we need to get some meat on your bones!" and then some "well look at you, you have grown up into such a beautiful young lady" and more then anything I heard "you should really meet my son" oh goodness this mingling thing is exhausting. I'm relieved when Sydney disperses the crowd that has gathered around me "wow looks like you have got a little fan club going on, how many of their sons or grandsons did you agree to meet?" she asks laughing "oh god, I don't even know they must have though I was insane cause my answer to everything was either yes or oh really" I laugh. "well there are a few people I would like you to meet if you would just follow me" Sydney says. "gladly" I snort as we brush past crowds of people to the edge of the ballroom where a group of four kids are sitting at a table. As we approach I feel them all stare up at me like I'm going to bust into flames at any moment or something. "everyone this is Skyler" Sydney says gesturing towards me. "hi" I say flashing a miss America smile once again. "I'm Darcy" a tall girl with pin straight shoulder length chocolate brown hair and dark nearly black brown eyes with alabaster skin says, she kind of looks like one of those runway models that weird kind of pretty that you don't see that often, she's wearing a short sparkly black dress that goes with the sharp tone of her voice and the icy glare she's giving me. "hi! I'm Alannah" a petite girl with long curly strawberry blonde hair says, she has shining baby blue eyes and pale skin covered in freckles on her cheeks and nose and seems like one of those people that you can instantly trust but also really peppy like a cheerleader, or a chihuahua on espresso she's wearing a light pink dress that's covered in lace and glitter and she has the same tiny thin nose and oval face shape as Darcy so I'm guessing that they are related. "Finn" the guy sitting closest to me says as he extends his hand to me. He has golden blonde hair, and smoldering brown eyes paired with sunkissed tan skin and high cheekbones with a strong jaw line and strangely enough looks strikingly like Austin Butler and judging by the headphones hanging from his neck and the small piercing he has on his eyebrow he kind of looks like some punk rocker skater guy he is wearing a black collared shirt and pants and shoes to match but he seems pretty nice. "and I'm Damon" the last guy sitting to my right says as he turns to me hum that name sounds pretty familiar but I think I would remember this guy he's pretty cute. He has brown hair that's slicked back and piercing emerald green eyes accompanied with tan skin and strong jaw line he's wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a green tie that makes his eyes sparkle. "so now you have meet everybody" sydney says smiling from ear to ear. "wait is this that team thing you were talking about?" I ask her. "yep the youngest children of the leaders of the three other families" Sydney says excitedly as she scoots a stray chair up next to me. "but there are six of us and five families" I say confused. "Darcy and Alannah are twins" Sydney replies like its the most obvious thing in the world, I sure as heck would have never guessed that Alannah is over there smiling at me while Darcy is shooting me dirty looks. After a few hours the party is somehow still going on and I have one of Finns headphones in my ear because he's trying to show me some new song he found by this band we both love. So I was right he's a total music buff and a skater ha who says you can't judge a book by its cover! Alannah has been chatting my ear off about guess what cheer leading because I use to actually be a cheerleader as embarrassing as that is to admit my freshmen year and she wants to be one to, she's still really nice though. Or at least a hundred times better then her sister who has still not said a single word to me since she introduced herself nope she's just giving me nasty looks and probably thinking about poking bunnies in the eye or kicking puppies or something. and Damon is well,Damon he's chatted my ear off about strange enough all my favorite things rather it's the music I like down to my favorite color he seems to like it to and it's kind of creeping me out it's like he's read the skyler handbook or something and I seriously hope that doesn't actually exist because that would be beyond creepy. He has managed to hit on me in the course of maybe four hours more then all the other guys combined in my entire life have tried to flirt with me and it's getting kind of annoying,can't he just have a personality instead of miraculously being into everything that I love. Actually I think I'll have some fun with this. "hey Damon have you ever heard of the band five days to life?" I ask as Finn shoots me a knowing look. "yeah of course I love them!" he says enthusiastically. "have you heard their newest album um living dead?" I ask trying to make the name seem remotely legit when in reality I made it up off the top of my head. Finn breaks out into a grin now considering we both know the band broke up three years ago and hasn't put out a single song since. "oh yeah totally" Damon says cooly. "and thank you for proving my point" I say as I return my focus to Finns iPod leaving Damon with a confused look on his face. "that band hasn't put out a single song in three years" I say turning to face him. "just be yourself okay" I say giving him a reassuring smile. "yeah,okay" he says staring at the floor as if it's become the most interesting thing in the world. "so what do you actually like?" I ask him. "well for one thing I sure as hell do not like Nicholas sparks,or volleyball,or black and white movies" and this goes on until I think I have discovered a shred of personality in my yes man. "how can you not love Nicholas sparks!" I ask teasingly. "easily one I hate reading two his books are like a never ending chick flick!" he says laughing. "well then I see there's no point in trying to persuade you you've already gone over to the dark side" I say dramatically. "you should try it sometime" he laughs. "when hell freezes over" I say. "yeah, that's a real possibility so I'll save a spot for you over here on the dark side" he laughs. And it dawns on me that I'm not just some normal teenager hanging out with friends I'm part of some demon and evil killing assassin team,except these are hardly the cold killing ninjas I expected they are just normal kids and that scares me more then anything that we will have to go out into this world as normal kids expected to fight very unnormal dangerous things. "training is tomorrow morning at five on the beach" Darcy says her voice sharp as a knife cutting through the laughter, and it's the first words I have heard her speak in hours. "five in the afternoon isn't that a little late?" I ask. And then she looks at me like I'm the stupidest person she's ever met as a look of nothing but disgust and hatred crosses her face and says "five in the morning, did you get that or do I have to repeat myself?" she says every syllable slowly like she's talking to a baby. And I'm not abut to just let this girl push me around who the heck does she think she is?"yes actually you do need to repeat yourself try again because I think you need to watch how your talking to me" I reply sharply. She has an amused smirk on her face as if she's looking for a fight,trying to get me angry. "what are you going to do about i oh chosen one?" she asks tauntingly. I can feel my blood boiling to say I have a bad temper is a little bit of an understatement. I clench my fists so hard my knuckles are turning white as the lights begin to flicker on and off, outside I see the waves crash harshly against the rocks and build to become bigger and bigger. People scream in the distance as a chandelier crashes to the ground with a shattering sound that makes me jump thunder cracks across the skies and it's everything I can do to keep myself from screaming as I fell a white hot searing jolt of energy explode through my body and thats when I realize something, yeah I'm on fire literally. the flames wrap around me licking out of my fingers engulfing me like a snake wraps around its prey and yet I don't feel a thing,nothing just alarm that I'm on fire expecting pain to come any second but it doesn't and as I catch a glimpse of myself in the window I'm horrified I look like a monster my eyes are glowing white, glowing! And I'm completely engulffed in flames i stare at the spot where my wavy blonde hair used to be its now replaced by a wavy flowing mess of red and yellow flames that spring in every direction. And I don't know how to stop it, the room shakes with power and lightning flashes across the skies in every which way and all I can do is stand helplessly I can't turn it off, and I'm causing this all of this.i try my best to calm down but it's like my mind won't let me I'm getting drunk of the power that I feel coursing through my veins and it's hard to stop, I can't stop it I realize horrified. "Skyler calm down relax okay you have to relax" I hear a voice i recognize as Aidens yell but it feels miles away everything seems fuzzy and out of whack the world begins to spin as faces become blurry and my head feels like its going to explode and before I know it the world goes dark.I open my eyes as panic begins to fill all my senses as I realize that I have no idea where I am my head is pounding and my palms are sweaty and everything looks blurry and hazzy as if I'm looking at it through glasses or like there's a bad reception on an old tv. I look around to take in the whole of my surroundings and am terrified to say the least by what I see from what I can tell I'm underground In a dimly light room there are human remains everywhere and it takes everything I have not to scream as I see a pile of skulls and severed body parts. I see lanky creatures with black scales for skin like snakes and eyes that are blood red and orbs of pure darkness. I'm suddenly thankful that I didn't have anything to eat for dinner because it would surely be on the ground by now. In the corner of a room I see a larger then life size bird cage except it doesn't look like any bird cage I have ever seen for one thing it is probably the size of a small apartment and two the bars are searing with some kind of blue energy, keeping people out of it possibly, or maybe keeping something or someone in it.I step over towards the cage carefully, and cautiously as if booby traps are going to spring up any second. Thankfully no poisonous darts or trap doors have come out,yet. I peer inside the cage carefully unsure of what to expect. "it's empty" I huff under my breath. "skyler" I hear a whispering voice say oh god its not empty! I think in a panic who knows what evil nasty thing is in there. Except no evil nasty creature comes out instead in the dim lights I can make out the face of a woman. My voice catches in my throat and my heart drops to my stomach I'm dreaming, I'm passed out and I'm hallucinating I try to convince myself but I know all to well that this isn't a dream, it's a vision. "mom?" I squeak about to bust into tears. "yes honey, it's me" the woman says gently in a voice as smooth as silk. Oh my god,this is not happening, I'm not seeing dead people now to am I? "where is this where are we?" I ask my voice quivering. "In the home of delsiac a powerful god of vengeance, and war" my mother says. "he's trying to start something turn the clans against the few gods they are still allied with, he's trying to gain more people on his side so he can eliminate the clans entirely" my mother says urgency filling her voice. "I'm not sure how he's going to manage it yet but that's what I know so far" she adds. "oh skyler, I have missed you so much I love you" she says. "I love you to" I half whisper half sob. "are you..are you alive?" I stutter as hope begins to build up inside of me. "No, no I'm not I wish I was my soul was trapped here when I sacrificed myself for you, there's an unbalance in the underworld I think he's trying to make an army of souls he's trying to kill kerlaf the god of the underworld yo have to stop him because if he does kill him all hell will break loos millions of souls some good and many bad will walk the earth again and there's no telling the damage it could cause, but if anyone can stop it it's you and the team I believe in you honey, he's coming you have to go before he senses you I love you" she says as she slowly drifts away fading out like fog over a city and suddenly she's gone and I'm staring up at six concerned faces huddled around me. "ahhh" I cry as I wince in pain my head feels like its going to explode at any second the sharp pain is constant and nearly un bearable. "lay back down" I hear my grandfather coo as he pushes me gently back to lay down. "oh thank god! She's awake I'll call the oracles" my grandfather announces steping out of the room.I'm much to out of it to wonder about he oracles or care about anything at all My moms dead, she's really dead and she's suffering all because of me guilty doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. I rub my eyes and stretch stiffly as if I had been asleep when my vision clears up I can make out the distressed faces of Finn,Damon,Aiden,Sydney, and Allanah. "we thought you were dead, I thought you were dead Skyler, you stopped breathing." Sydney says in a voice just a little louder then a whisper like she's afraid talking to loud will kill me. "how long have I been out an hour or two?" I ask my voice sounding groggy and strained. "try three days" Aiden says and for the first time I notice his face is puffy, like he's been crying. "and you were muttering the weirdest stuff it just sounded like gibberish when I was here at night I just figured you were talking to yourself but you would scream and cry like you were being killed or something it was awful!" Sydney exclaims. "you were here last night?" I ask. "yes and every night since you have been out we all have been we kinda took turns watching you to see if your heart monitor would start beeping" she says through a hoarse voice. "thank you" I mutter. "so I died?" I ask warily still unsure of what exactly happened, still trying to make sense of everything. "yup and you have the death certificate to prove it your heart monitor didn't start beeping till a few minutes ago, I thought I lost you sky" Sydney says. "well you won't be able to get rid of me that easily!" I joke trying to lighten the mood. Wow three days it only felt like minutes. "I saw something, it was a vision" I announce. "of what exactly I couldn't pick up on anything yu were seeing it's like someone blocked me out of your brain" aiden muttered. "wait hold on, that's how you are always in my visions with me you get inside of my head!?" I ask dazzed. "well,yeah" Aiden says shifting from one foot to another uncomfortably. "how the hell do you do that?" I ask. "easily it comes natural to people like me" Aiden says. "people like you?" I ask. "yeah people like me,half bloods" he says refusing to meet my gaze as I recall what our driver had called him when he slammed the door in his face, he called him a half blood and judging by the drivers reaction it can't be that good of a thing to be. "half human,half demon or god" he says clearing his throat. Did I just hear him correctly, Aiden is nothing like those disgusting snake like creatures I saw in my vision! "so which are you?" I ask casually "you know god, or um demon?" I add. "does it matter?" Aiden asks anger growing in his tone. "yes" I hear myself mutter. As I turn to looks t his face he looks hurt like I ran over his puppy or something and I wish I could take back my comment. "demon" Aiden mutters under his breath. "but you are nothing like the things I saw in my vision!" I hear myself say,crap did I just say that out loud? "you saw demons n your vision?" Aiden Asia his voice taking on a sudden urgency. "skyker did they hurt you? Ahh of course they did their demons I should have been there to protect you! I should have been there" he screams his voice drifting off as if to a far away place I. The end. "no, they didn't hurt me I honestly don't think that they even knew that I was there" I say trying to reassure him. "so where is there exactly and why the hell couldn't I get to it?." Aiden asks. "I don't know all my mom said was the home of delsiac?" I say. "your mom is there?" Aiden asks in alarm. "yea, I guess that's where they trapped her when she sacrificed herself" I say feeling the salty tears threatening to pour out at any minute tug at my eyes. "that's not right, she should have gone to the under world, she should have gone to heaven straight away" aiden says confusion laced thick on his words as he runs his hand through his jet black hair. "they must have dine something used sme kind f spell but that dosen't sound like any kind of magic we know it sounds a lot like dark magic" Aiden says. "and a spell that powerful takes months and requires pieces if hair, personal items it would have to be cast by someone close to her" aiden mutters under his breath."what are you trying to say?" I ask angrily afraid of where he was going with this whole it had to be cast by someone close to her thing. "I think you now exactly what I'm saying, I'm sorry skyker but it's the truth" Aiden says. "my dad would never do that!" I scream no he wouldn't, he couldn't he is the only thing I have left he would never betray me like that he would never ruin our family and for aiden to even suggest that my dad had anything to do with this makes me beyond furious. "he wouldn't, no,no" I mutter to myself. "but there are more important things to talk about my mother said that delsiac is trying to turn our allies agains us, and take over the underworld and free the souls so he can destroy the clans" I say. I feel every jaw in the room drop, every face turn white this is what we have been preparing for our whole lives this is the battle of a lifetime and I will fight till the end of time till my last breath to save the last shred of family I have. And to avenge my mom I add t my list of reasons to fight. "so we have to go to the underworld?" Alannah asks. "yup kids I think it's time we took a little field trip" I say cracking my knuckles this delsiac guy is going to be sorry that he ever hurt my family, no he's going to be more then sorry he's going to be dead.
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