The Emerald Isle

Sixteen year old Skyler Mcneese has always known that she was different. Ever since the day that her mom left when she was only six years old everything in her life changed. She began seeing things that she couldnt explain but she always tried to hide it and pretend like it was nothing. Until one day when a boy who has saved her more times then she can count in her visions mysteriously shows up at her school with information about her family, herself, and her mothers dissaperance. Now ghosts from her familys past are out to get her as she is just learning to except her destiny, and her newlyfound powers. Will Skyler survive to fulfill her destiny? or will the demons she has been hiding from her whole life finally suceed in controlling her and her powers? and what will happen in her blooming romance with Aiden, the boy from her visions or will she fall for another? well you better read and find out!!��


1. Boats,visions,and answers<3

Chapter 1: boats, visions, and answers

I'm floating weightlessly while the waves underneath me sway back and forth peacefully. I'm in possibly the worlds tiniest boat big enough for one person max. I jump up with a start Where the heck am I? I wonder. I look around and find nothing but crystal clear blue water that sparkles and shimmers in the fading sunset. Then anxiety and fear come crashingu down on me like a two ton truck I'm in the middle of the ocean, alone, and I have no idea how to drive a boat. "Hello!" I scream as panic overtakes me. "Hello!" I scream again. I'm about to scream again when a beautiful voice singing cuts me off. It's haunting soft but powerful at the same time and completely mesmerizing, it's the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. And then I realize the song that is being sung "just close your eyes the sun is going down you'll be alright no one can hurt you now ohh la la". It's the same song my mom use to sing to me every night before I went to bed she would tuck me in tight to my bed pulling up my Pink polka dot covers to my neck give me a gentle warm kiss on the head and sing as I drifted off to sleep, it seemed like a lifetime ago when in reality it was only ten years ago everything changed when my mom left and I do mean EVERYTHING my father who I remember as being so full of life and joy turned into a corpse of his old self I knew that he loved me, but still I always felt like I was never enough to bring back the light in his eyes that my mom had taken away when she left us. But more then anything the year my mom left was the year that everything changed for me I was six years old the first time I had a vision I was in the park sitting on the swing laughing wildly as my dad pushed me up and down then my vision went black at first I started to panic but then I saw it, it was like I was there it was crystal clear like I was witnessing it first hand. I saw a giant snow covered mountain in the distance the sky was perfectly blue without a cloud in sight, fresh snow covered the ground in front of me it all seemed so perfect so peaceful. And then without warning the top of the mountain bursts into a million tiny pieces exploding in every which way pieces of debris fell everywhere around me and would have fallen on me if a boy who looked to be about eight hadn't grabbed my hand and urged me to run I clinged to his small cold hand for dear life as I ran faster then I ever had before my feet nearly collapsed underneath me trying to match his incredible speed. Finally a safe distance from the explosion we both fell to the ground from exhaustion the ground was cold and wet and it scared me that i could feel it this wasnt just a dream i realized. I allowed myself to look back at where I had been standing it was a good 50 feet away, how was that possible when we were just there minutes ago? I wondered then I saw it a giant rock nearly ten times my size right where I was standing this boy had just saved my life. I turned to look at him and was in awe of his eyes they were silver like the glow of the moon other then that he looked like most eight year olds with messy hair that was as dark as night and a row of crooked and missing teeth on full display when he smiled to me and said "you're safe now". And just as quickly as the vision came it went away and I was back in the park, on the swing like nothing had ever happened. That was the day that my life changed forever. But enough reminiscing, I better get back to the problem at hand. "Oh no" I hear myself mutter involuntarily as I see the last bit of the sun dip beneath the water in the distance. Great now let's just add its pitch dark and I can't even see my hand in from of my face to my now growing list of problems. The moon illuminates the dark sky casting an errie yet beautiful shadow on the waves it's reflection sparkling and bouncing off of them. I can't help myself from leaning over the boat and looking at the waves in awe as I watched the moon dance on them. I reached down even further to skim my hand across the surface of the water and that's when I see a face. I jump back into the saftey of the inside of the boat, I hear a shrill scream that I don't even recognize as my own until a few moments later. Curiosity gets the best of me as I look over the edge of the boat I let out an involuntarily gasp could it be? Yes I'm positive of it now. The face in front of me is no stranger it's the boy who saved me when I was six. He looks up at me with the same shining silver eyes that put me into a trance ten years ago, except he definitely dosent look like he did ten years ago. He has the same shaggy dark black hair and piercing silver eyes but now he has a strong jaw line and cheekbones from here to heaven, accompanied with full pink lips and sun kissed tan skin he smiles in that adorable half smile that usually only models and celebrities can pull off, and reveals a row of now perfectly straight and blindingly white teeth. Yup he definitely looks less little boy and more male model material now. His smile fades as his face becomes suddenly serious. "Skyler, they're coming for you ill do my best to protect you but I can only do so much you need to run and hide, it's the only way you will stay safe now it's time for you to wake up you've already been out for an hour but remember trust no one." He says no one with a sharp edge to his silky mesmerizing voice and my vision once again goes black. I wake up just in time to hear the bell ring for third period. What the hell? I think to myself sure I've seen some pretty weird stuff but nothing like this his words echo through my mind they're coming to get you run who are they? And why should I be afraid? Confusion covers my mind like a cloud of fog. But I'm quickly snapped out of my trance by a high pitched voice calling my name. "Sky come on we are gonna be late for history again and I am not in the mood for detention" my best friend Sydney says. "Yeah we better get going" I say. I shove all my papers in my binder and grab my roxy back pack and we are off. "What the hecks up with you today did you not get enough beauty rest in mrs.jones class?" Sydney asks jokingly. "Obviously not if I did then I wouldn't be looking like this today" I say pointing to my unmade up face, un straightend mess of long wavey blonde hair and current outfit of grey sweatpants with a plain teal top and old white tennis shoes. But hey in my defense I only had five minutes to get ready and this is the best your gonna get of me in five minutes" it takes time to look this perfect." I say sarcastically striking a model pose at a weird angle like those manikins in the windows of trendy clothing stores."Haha oh don't I know it! you know someday I just hope I can look as beautiful as you look today" she says sarcastically pretending to whipe a tear away from her eye as we approach her locker she opens it with ease and slides her books in and mine to because at sixteen when I have been using a locker since sixth grade I still never really learned how to open mine so I've just always ignored my locker and shared with Sydney. It's not like I was missing anything anyways I think looking at my abandoned bottom locker diagonal from hers and thinking about how I probably would have been trampled yeah it's probably for the best I think to myself. "So what's up with you and um you know who?" Asks Sydney teasingly poking me while excitement fills her large hazel eyes. "Um squid I have no idea who you are talking about as we all know there's nothing going on with me and anyone, yup my love life's pretty action packed isn't it?" I joke. "Really squid you haven't called me that since freshman year!" She says referring to her old nickname Squidney. "We'll you still call me sky so I figured that it was about time to bring squid back" I say trying out my best I'm so serious right now face and totally failing at it."Oh well awesome" she says sarcastically. "Wait you really don't know it's all over the school sky!" She asks questioningly as she flips a stray strand of chestnut brown hair away from her face. "No I really don't know tell meeeeee pleaseeeeeee ill be your best friend" I joke looking up at her with puppy dog eyes. I kind of feel like one if those bratty kids trying to convince their parents to get them something and actually from behind I kind if look like it because I do have to look up at Sydney every time I talk to her because her 5 foot 8 stance kind of dwarfs my 5 foot 2. "The new guy the one that moved here from Ireland the really hot one he asked to sit by you in all our classes because I overheard him saying that you are the only person he knows here and it would make him more comftorable the guy kicked me out of my damn seat in history just to sit by you!" She said. "What? That's insane I don't even know the kid" I say. "You could have introduced yourself during last class like every other girl in the class but you were to busy sleeping or should I say sleep talking you say some interesting stuff in your sleep!" She says laughing during the last part. "Oh god" I say feeling my face turn bright red. "What did I say?" I ask curiously kind of afraid to hear the answer. "Not much you were just mumbling mostly but I did catch a part about some guy looking like a model don't worry though he must have thought it was funny because he laughed and then the whole class kind of joined in" she said quickly trying to stifle a laugh. "What! Oh just leave me to dieee" I say sarcastically feeling a little over dramatic I lean against a locker and slide slowly to the floor laughing the whole way down dang no wonder I failed drama I am the worst actress ever. After my first near trampling in our schools insanely crowded hallway I decided against sitting on the ground and stand back up. "We'll you took that news well" Sydney laughs as we walk into our fourth period history class. What the hell? I think as I see a crowd of girls covering my desk making it impossible to get by. You have got to be kidding me. "Excuse me I kind of need to get to my desk" I say addressing the group of googley eyed teenage girls. "Skyler!" One of them who I recognize as Mindy screams excitedly as she runs up to give me a hug. Um did I miss something since when am I friends with one of the most popular girls in school. I mean I'm not a loser or anything but I'm not insanely popular like mindy. She flips her perfectly curled strawberry blonde locks in one swift move. "Um hi" I say as she releases me from the death grip of a hug. "Sky we were just talking to your friend so how long have you guys known each other?" She squeals enthusiastically but I can tell what she's really doing as her emerald green eyes dig into me threateningly she's trying to pry and see if we are more then friends when in reality I have never even meet this guy or maybe I have but I wouldn't know since I can't even see him through the circle of girls sorrounding his desk. "Oh for a whole now even though it only feels like a day" I say sarcastically. At this comment the group of girls parts a little to let me into their little fan club oh great now everybody else in class thanks I'm one of the new guys groupies. Actually I take it back no one would think that look at me and then look at these girls and you would see that we definitely do not belong in the same category. I mean sure I'm pretty I've even been told that I'm a "classic beauty" with my wavy long light blond hair and saucer like almond shaped blue eyes that are framed by my super long thick black eyelashes and set off to look even bluer then normal by my eternally tan skin and naturally rosey cheeks and lips but then again I have also been called "adorable" because of my height and 105 pound frame which is in stark contrast to my hourglass shape and C cup boobs which is probably the only reason any guy at this school would look at me twice. But these girls were all what a guy would call "beautiful" and a girl would call a slut just because of how they look and dress I don't really believe in labeling people but I have to say some of these girls are asking to be labeled by wearing booty shorts to school in the middle of January. Once I finally reach this guys desk I'm in full on attack mode ready to confront him about this little rumor going around school but I'm stopped mid attack because staring back at me with a look that can only be described as amusement in his mesmerizing silver eyes is the guy from my vision and he is obviously soaking up all the attention he's getting. Am I having a vision right now? I wonder as I pinch my arm and then realize what a stupid idea that is because even if I was in my vision I would be able to feel it to. He sits up straighter as I look at him "skyler" he says smiling and for the first time I notice that he has dimples and an unmistakable Irish accent that reminds me of the churning gray sea in my vision. Words can't even describe anything i'm feeling right now I contemplate on saying who are you? What am I hiding from exactly? and what the hell is happening!? But all I can manage is a weak "what?". " can I have a moment alone with skyler please?" He asks addressing his fan club I feel one hundred jealous and envious eyes burrow into me at once but I'm way to confused right now for that to bother me. He stands up from his desk revealing a muscular frame with broad shoulders and a loomingly tall height probably around 6 feet tall I guess. he's wearing a simple black hoodie and a pair of jeans that have a few rips in them but he managed to pull it off quite nicely my train of thought is cut off as he grabs my hand and somehow I feel safe with his hand in mine and that scares me considering I don't even know his first name. His hand feels the same as it did ten years ago cold and strong. He pulls me out of the room and I'm left blindingly following him to stunned to protest. We make our way through the hall and eventually outside into the quad area where everyone hangs out after school it feels weird seeing it deserted. He finally manages to make his way over to the fountain and we both sit down on the edge I blush as I notice I'm still holding his hand so I reluctantly let go. "Who are you?" I ask looking into the water in the fountain instead I at him for fear of blushing again. His expression turns serious as I turn to face him "I'm Aiden your protector" he says not portraying a hint of anything but seriousness. "Am I being punked or something this is all insane!" I say angrily. "Please I know about you skyler and deep down inside you do to you can't keep pretending like your normal because you are not in fact you are very very far from normal but that's another long talk" he says. "We'll then I guess you have got a lot of talking to do" I reply sharply. "I guess I do" he laughs at my pathetic attempt at being tough. I raise my eyebrows and make a movie it along gesture with my hands. "Well it all started thousands of years ago with the five most prominent important and powerful families in Ireland the O'Gradys, the O'Briains, the O'conchobhairs, the Caomhanachs, and of course the O'Neils all of these families helped build Ireland saving it numerous times from the creatures gods and people who tried to overtake it and the world along with it throughout history every five hundred or so years a person with extraordinary powers is born into one of the families every family has had their great heros and now it is time for the O'Neils to have there's the oracles told your mother when she was pregnant with you that you were the chosen one for the O'Neil clan at first the whole clan was overjoyed including your grandparents the leaders of the clan, but then they found out the secret that your mother and father had been keeping from them they found out thy your father was not of any of the five great clans that he in fact wasnt even Irish but instead Scottish coming from the same clan who first brought the Scottish settlers into Ireland along with disease, plague, and suffering for our people his clan had also been said to have great powers with dark magic rivaling those of some gods. Fearing that you would be like your fathers clan and be born with dark magic some members of the other clans and even some of the O'Neil clan had planned to kill you after you were born and of course your mother found out about the plan and fleed with your father to America you were born days after they arrived. The clans banded together in search of you and your mother but found nothing your fathers magic shielded you from being found. Your grandparents tried to plead with the members of their own clan and the others so they sent me to watch you and make sure that you were safe but most importantly to bring back evidence that you were not evil. And so I did I have been watching over you since you were a baby filming significant moments of you using your powers for good and how you are not even able to practice dark magic so finally your grandparents convinced the clans that you were still the hero that they had been waiting for and you couldn't had come at a better time considering war with evil demons and gods has broken out more rapidly then ever it was these evil things that took your mother she never left you skyler she instead took your place because a powerful group of demons and evil gods was after you she sacrificed herself for you so you could live a normal happy life but the war becomes fiercer an fiercer and the clans are beginning to lose that is why I am here to take you back to Ireland where you can fulfill your destiny in defeating the evil an uniting the clans once again" he said the last part with hope and finality as he searched into my eyes waiting for my reaction. I didn't know what to think now I think I kind of understand how Harry potter must have felt when that dude told him that he was a wizard I'm freaked out,scared,sad,happy,curious, and confused all at the same time. I couldn't help it salty tears started ppourinnou of my eyes and blurred my vision the whole time I was crying I I just kept thinking my parents did all this for me they abandoned their homeland, their families, their entire lives for me my mother even died for me and that's the part that hurt the most I have spent all these years secretly Hateing her for leaving me when she never wanted to leave but she did anyways so that I would be safe I couldn't believe that I had everything so wrong.i had a million and one questions and Aiden must have read my mind when he said "I know you must have a lot if questions and I be happy to answer any of them" he said giving me a reassuring smile. To bad I couldn't manage to say one question I had because when I tried the only thing that came out were sobs I couldn't stop crying eventually Aiden scooted closer to me and held me in his arms and I just say there with my face buried in his chest crying my eyes out while he gently hums and strokes my hair. Eventually I calm down I lift my was up slowly look him dead in the eyes and say "when do we leave?" This time I don't have to try to act .serious because I am dead serious these things took my mother from me and I will do everything I can to make sure that they get what's coming for them. I see a smile spread across aidens face "whenever you want to" he replies. Gosh what am I getting myself into?

~end of chapter 1~ please comment and tell me what you think I'll be your best friend!:D and also ignore the fact that I have the punctuation of a second grader k? Thanks:D
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