My Bestfriend Nialler<3 (1d)

Hi I'm Blakelynn I'm gonna tell you about how i met him, the one i want to spend the rest of my life with. His name is Niall,Niall James Horan. It was ten years ago when i moved across the street from him. we were 5,and he came over to play football with me and he was perfect with beautiful blue eyes and perfect brown hair. And that's how it all started.


6. chapter 6

**Nialls POV**

WOW she sure looked amazing like my very oun princess . i wish she was all mine . I mean i have never saw her wear a dress before exept to church and she vary rarely did unless her mum made her.i couldnt believe my eyes . i wish she knew what was coming to tonight tonigh will be the night i ask her out.**new txt from Louis**

'u guys r so cute together'

'thankx bro im gonna ask her out to night but what if she says no what if it ruins our friendship'

'trust me it wont she loves u u can c it in her eyes'

'i hope so'

**txt ended**

*Blakelynn's POV*

i wish he would ask me out i love him so much i wish he loved me back.i wish i mew what was we get there and he helps me out and i kiss him on the cheek. we get in and we sit down and we exchange presents i guess we had the same idea about the cases they are so cute on mine he put 'Blakey<3'  on it its so cute then i give him the XBOX and he freaks out she kissed me right on the lips but only for a second be cause then he starts sayin ''thank you so much i love you i love you i love you!!!'' '' i love you too nialler'' then he gets down on one knee opens up this box with the prettiest braclet in it and says when i say i love you every day,Blakelynn,i mean it i love you so much , i want you to be my girl , will you ?" ''I get down on my knees so i can reach him and kiss his cheek and say''of course i will Niall i have loved you since we met, you dont know how long i have waited for this!!'' he kisses me and then we hear applause and we look around and every ones staring at us but we didnt care he kissed me again.he pu the bracelet on me ,we ate cake and then we left to go tell evryone the news.we got to my house and we told Morgan and Louis ans they say ''yes finally'' and we smile at them then i kissed nialler again and they told us to get a room.

THE END sorry if when i was writting some of you might have been wondering if it had alredy ended like in the first chapter srry i didnt say any thing its my first movella hope you liked thanx


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