My Bestfriend Nialler<3 (1d)

Hi I'm Blakelynn I'm gonna tell you about how i met him, the one i want to spend the rest of my life with. His name is Niall,Niall James Horan. It was ten years ago when i moved across the street from him. we were 5,and he came over to play football with me and he was perfect with beautiful blue eyes and perfect brown hair. And that's how it all started.


5. chapter 5

she was laughing too.i helped her up and we left . im not into girly stuff ive never been when i was 2 one of my toys i had was an American football because i grew up with  lot of cusions that were Morgan will have to help me.we walked in the dress store Morgans mouth was about to hit the floor . i looked like a cat in a dog house with a bunch of DOGS!! ya i really didnt like it . i mean who want to go in a store with  bunch of bratty snobs!! but this one dress caught my eye it was navy blue with a balt thing aroung the waist and it went up to one side to one of the was knee length and was sleeveless i loves it. it was not big and flufy and it didnt have ruffles it was just sorda plain i loved was $304 my jaw dropped when i saw that i couldnt belive they were that expensive . the we went to the shoe store and i dont like heels at all i mean anyway im about to be taller than Niall anyway do i got some black flats. we went to Morgans house and showed her mom and she said ''Wow ,Blake you look beautiful'' ''why thank ya'' i said .*day pf dinner with Niall*it was 2:20 pm the night of my dinner with Nialler . i cant wait !!! im so nervous .i put on my little bit of makeup the Morgan made me wear and she curled my hair and done a waterfall braid on it . it was so beautiful . i saved my dress for last. as i put on my jewelry i put on a braclet my dad got me for my birthday two years ago and put on my necklace that nialler got me .i looked at the time it was already 3:50 and the dinner was at 4:30 .''oh crap ''i said ''what'' Morgan said  ''look at the time ''i said she looked looked back at me and then we heard the doorbell''oh no!!'' i wispered while running around the living room looking out the window like a ninja.''Run!!!'' morgie yelled.i ran upstairs Morgan opened the door and said ''Hey, Niall shes not ready yet'' ''well ill just go back-'' ''nononono wait here ill be right back''she said while running up satirs.i slipped on my dress and ran out like some bear was chasing me with my shoes in my hand.i was hopping down stairs while trying to put my shoes on and my earrings .he stood up and wow he looked cuter than ever . ''wow!!Blake,i dont know what to say you look amazing'' he said ''why thank you you look hansome your self'' i said while we both giggled . holding out his elbow he said ''shall we'' ''we shall''i said while Louis ran into the house and stood by Morgan .''wow they look cute together''Louis said "i know i wish they would date '' Morgie said . i just pretended like i did not hear that .and we were off.

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