My Bestfriend Nialler<3 (1d)

Hi I'm Blakelynn I'm gonna tell you about how i met him, the one i want to spend the rest of my life with. His name is Niall,Niall James Horan. It was ten years ago when i moved across the street from him. we were 5,and he came over to play football with me and he was perfect with beautiful blue eyes and perfect brown hair. And that's how it all started.


4. chapter 4

*Niall's POV*

Well its September 1st and only about two weeks away from our birthdays and i dont know what she wants.After she woke up i asked her''what do you want for your birthday love?''  '' i dont know'' she said. ''well you gotta want something'' i told her ''well i guess i want a new iphone case.'' she said.''nothing else?'' i said ''nope'' she said ''well then okay.'' i said ''well we can go shopping today and you can pic you out something'' '' ok and if you see anything you want you tell me''she said.i think i might make her one of those cases that you can pic out the pictures so i will put pics of us on it,and i wil get her  a charm bracelet.

*Blakelynn's POV*

(2 days before our birthdays so its the 11th) I think what i might get Nialler is one of those iphone cases that you can put your own pics on and i will put on it 'Nialler<3' .i dont really know what else to get him hes a pretty big gamer and so am i so i might get him the new XBOX.i just lest Nialls and am now in my room changing i put on an old T that Niall gave me with some jeans and some Nike's with my neclace Niall got me.and went back to his house.Then we left we first went in Toys R Us because i saw these really awesome adventure time head phones with finn on them.Next we went to the jack wills store and i picked out two hoodies and three shirts and Nialler picked out one hoodie and two shirts we got up to the register and payed i pulled out my credit caed and ''NO!'' niall said and i said ''What?'' '' you are not gonna pay!'' he ended up paying because we were getting into this argument and the lady at the register was looking at us weird so i just dropped the conversation .Oh well ill give him back the money sometime or another.Went to a couple of different store and spent alot.Nialls case came in and its so cute!! when we got home i went in my room to wrap his presents when Morgan txted me...1 new txt from:Morgiee:)

'hey we made you and Niall reservations for tomarrow night lets go shopping for a dress and Louis is taking nialler!!'

''kk thanx be there in 10''

*txt ended*

i grbbed my bag and ran to Morgans and i went to knock on the door and as soon as i did her mum opened it and yelled ''MORGAN BLAKES HERE!!!!" she yelled''hey Blake hun your outta breath, and you know you dont have to knock.'' ya i kno i just felt like knocking today'' i said while huffing and puffing because i was still outta breath.Morgan came running down the stairs and she slid and fell the whole way down.''MORGIEE!! are you okay?'' i said laying on the floor laughing so hard i about peed my pants ''ouch''she said .

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