My Bestfriend Nialler<3 (1d)

Hi I'm Blakelynn I'm gonna tell you about how i met him, the one i want to spend the rest of my life with. His name is Niall,Niall James Horan. It was ten years ago when i moved across the street from him. we were 5,and he came over to play football with me and he was perfect with beautiful blue eyes and perfect brown hair. And that's how it all started.


3. chapter 3

Our birthdays are on the same day and its our 8th birthday we are having a party at my house . all of our friends are here Nialls friends Louis,Harry,Liam,and Zayn are here and my friends Pheobe ,Morgan ,Paige ,ans Reagan are here . Niall got me a neclace that said best and his says friends on it hes so sweet .****ten years later**** my friend morgan moved here and is living on the other side of me.and is dating louis.*new txt from:Nialler<3 *

'hey come over we can watch some movies'

'k be there in 10'

' k love u u da best'

,love u too nialler'

*txt ended*

if only he meant it like i meant it i love him so much nothins really changed bout him scince we were 8 exept he went to the beach ya his hair turned blonde . oh well i like it better this way.well ni got up and through in my jack wills hoodie and some skinny jeans my combat boots ans the neclace he gave me with the word 'best' on it i threw my hair in  ponytail.i got mt iphone with my case that has finn on it from adventure time and out my earbuds in.I got to his house and found him on the couch and jumped on top of him and he said ''well hello love'' he was laughing at me ''haaayyyy'' i said i was really tired so while whatchin the movie i fell asleep cuddling with Nialler . my head was on his sholer and he evntually fell asleep too with his head on top of mine. .

*NIall's POV*

she fell asleep on me bbut i didnt care and she knows it i woke up to laughs and the clicking of a camera taking pics it was Louis and Morgan taking pics of us . i saw Blakey still sleeping so i told them to hush and i kissed her on  the foreheand and Louis said ''you really like her dont you ?'' i looked at blake to make sure she was still asleep then i said ''of course, shes like the princes perfect princess . and im the prince. i love her so  much but she cant figure out what if she doesn't like me back!!!??''  ''Niall calm down Im sure she likes you i mean look at her .'' i look down at her sleepy little head and kissed it again.and looked back up at Lois and smiled and he went in the kitchen and blakey woke up and looked in her eyes that were just batting away and said ''morning love''

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