My Valentine

Michaela spent most Valentine's Days alone, what's one more going to do? She spends Valentine's Day with her friend Alessandra at a party this year and meets a beautiful blonde boy. (This movella is for the 1SHOT41D contest)


1. My Valentine

"Michaela, why do you look so sad?" My friend, Alessandra, asked me while we walked out of the ice cream parlor.

"Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I have absolutely no boyfriend or guy to spend it with." I mumbled into my vanilla soft serve.

I slightly sighed as she rolled her large, deep brown eyes. She got annoyed when I spoke about how miserable I was when I was single. I couldn't blame her though, because she was single as well, but she enjoyed her life.

We kept on walking through the beautiful scenery of the park. There were spots of snow that glistened on the ground from melting away.

"Well there is a Valentine's party tonight, we should go and just hang out." Of course Alice would know there was going to be a party, she was always in the loop of popularity and famous people having parties.

I didn't have plans for the day anyways, so what could be the harm? I nodded my head and she flashed a blinding, white smile at me. "What time will it be at?" I asked her.

"It starts at noon. We should go to my place now to get ready. I have the perfect outfit for you to wear." She had a devilish grin plastered on her face. Her eyes told me that she had this night planned for quite some time.

We made the short trip up to her flat from the park and entered the large living room. It was marvelous, she had all white decor with splashes of black here and there. I stood in the doorway in awe, as I always do when I visit her at home.

"Follow me, Michaela. My closet is this way." Alessandra took my hand and lead me down the corridor. I turned from my position and joined her in the only bedroom in the place.

Unlike me, Alice was tidy and neat and it showed when you entered her bedroom. Not a spot out of place, or a sock on the floor, her place looked good as if she had never slept here before.

"Awh, did you clean for me, Alice?" I joked and she rolled her eyes again.

"You wish!" She opened up her double-doored closet and lead me inside, "Pick a dress, any dress. Borrowing is free, purchase or replacing is not."

I chose a bright pink, ruffled cocktail dress with matching pink stilettos. Alessandra chose a deep red mermaid dress with black high heels.

Alessandra changed into her party clothes in the bathroom, leaving me to change in the closet. When I was done, I knocked on the door to see if she was dressed up. When she opened the door, she looked stunning and could grab any guys' attention.

Alice had the curling iron hot and ready to curl my boring blonde hair. It took a little over an hour because me hair was so thick, but we were ready for the party within that time frame and still had time to get to the party before it started.

While we waited for seven o'clock to roll around, Alice applied mascara and pink eye liner on my eyes and a pink-red lipgloss on my lips. It wasn't much make-up but when I looked in the mirror, I was absolutely beautiful.

When we had arrived, she pulled me through the cluttered hallways, "I want you to meet my friend." She always had to introduce me to someone new everywhere we went.

She walked up to a blonde haired boy and tapped him on the shoulder, "Niall, I want you to finally meet the girl I was telling you about."

He smiled and outstretched his hand, "I'm Niall, you must be Michaela. Care to dance?" Before I could answer, he pulled me to the crowd where a bunch of people were dancing.

"I feel like I've waited to meet you all my life," He mumbled as he stared into my blue eyes and I stared into his, "but it's only been a month since she mentioned you."

"This year, I was going to spend today just at home with Alessandra." I chuckled.

He leaned in real close and whispered into my ear, "I'm never going to let that happen anymore for the rest of your life."

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