A Trip That Changed It All

Elaha, Fiahna, and Hanna have been best friends for many years. They were and still are MAJOR directioners. They've always dreamed of going on a vacation to Paris, France together ever since they were 12. And now, since they are 18, they can finally fulfill their dreams of going to Paris. But little did they know, that besides their dream of going to Paris will come true, their dreams of meeting the incredible One Direction will be fulfilled as well. Through a lot of difficult phases, the three girls will find themselves in a situation filled with love and friendship in the City of Love. But besides all that, the girls find out that someone is secretly telling all their precious secrets to the Papparazzi. But who is the secret betrayer who is secretly telling all the girls' secrets? Is it one of the members of One Direction? Or could it be one of the girls who is betraying her other two friends? Read on and find out!


4. The Flight Part 3

Elaha's POV

Baby you light up my world like nobody else

The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed

But when you smile at the ground, It ain't hard to tell...

 I was on the plane listening to the music on my iPod. What Makes You Beautiful was on, and Harry's beautiful voice rang in my ears. I looked down at my reflection, and realized I still was in my pajamas. I looked over at Fiahna, who was sitting next to me reading, which was one of her most favorite hobbies.

I was going to tell her that I was going to change, but then I thought better than to do that. Over the years we've been best friends, I learned not to disturb her while she's reading. It's like she's in some whole other dimension when she's reading.

I looked across from me and saw Hanna sound asleep, with her ear-pods still in her ears. I silently stood up, trying not to disturb Fiahna, and got out some fresh, clean clothes from my suitcase. I also got a hairbrush and a tooth brush along with the clothes.

I started off into the other compartment where the restrooms were located. I was about to go into a restroom when a sign caught my  eye. The sign was hung up over a small compartment door nearby and read: First Class.

The door was slightly open, allowing some very loud voices to be heard. I've always wanted to know how first class looked like. I knew it wasn't that special, but I heard from other people that this airplane had some very rich and famous people in it once. 

Without thinking, I walked up to the door and peeked in. I couldn't really see much, so I opened it a bit more. But, me being my clumsy self, accidentally opened it too much and fell right into the First Class compartment. While I fell, I felt a twinging pain in my ankle. All noise around me stopped, and I looked around to take in my surroundings. 

The First Class compartment was huge, and all around the place there was food and furniture. Like, actual furniture. Not just some old airplane seats, but actual couches and a flat screen TV. But, what mostly caught my attention were five good-looking guys scattered all around the room with food in their hands. There was food all over the furniture and walls. I realized I had just walked in on five guys having a food fight in First Class. But not just some ordinary five guys. These five guys were members of One Direction. The One Direction.

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