A Trip That Changed It All

Elaha, Fiahna, and Hanna have been best friends for many years. They were and still are MAJOR directioners. They've always dreamed of going on a vacation to Paris, France together ever since they were 12. And now, since they are 18, they can finally fulfill their dreams of going to Paris. But little did they know, that besides their dream of going to Paris will come true, their dreams of meeting the incredible One Direction will be fulfilled as well. Through a lot of difficult phases, the three girls will find themselves in a situation filled with love and friendship in the City of Love. But besides all that, the girls find out that someone is secretly telling all their precious secrets to the Papparazzi. But who is the secret betrayer who is secretly telling all the girls' secrets? Is it one of the members of One Direction? Or could it be one of the girls who is betraying her other two friends? Read on and find out!


3. The Flight Part 2

Hanna's POV

I walked down the small aisle on the airplane along with Fiahna and Elaha, and tried to find our seats.

"Hmm...I wonder where our seats-- Oh, there they are!" Fiahna chirped and pointed to a row of seats with N36, N37, and N38 written in bold on the front of the seat.

 We walked over, and studied our seats carefully. I had the window seat whilst Elaha and Fiahna had the seats across from me. They put their luggage in the plane's overhead storage, and took their seats. I took a minute longer to put my luggage in the overhead storage because of my heavy suitcase. The suitcase fell on the floor right after I'd hauled it up with a big Bang!, causing a flight attendant nearby to jump right out of his skin.

"Dang girl! What do you even have in there?" Elaha asked.

"Stuff" I replied while trying to heave my suitcase back up again.

"Well that's very specific" she said sarcastically.

The flight attendant who I had scared like 5 seconds ago came up from behind me, and helped me with my suitcase. I heard Elaha whisper something in Fiahna's ear that sounded a lot like, "He's cute", and saw Fiahna nod her head. Fiahna waggled her eyebrows at me and I instantly blushed. 

"Thanks" I told the flight attendant. He nodded and said, "No problem". I saw his eyes scroll up and down my body, and land on my breasts. I started feeling a bit insecure so I covered my arms over my chest. 

"Um... thanks for your help, but you can--" I got cut off by his warm, full lips crashing into my mine. I stood there frozen in shock, trying to comprehend what was happening to me. I tried to pull him off, but he just pulled me closer instead. After my effortless pushing, I felt his lips come off mine. I looked at him incredulously, but not before I realized the big red slap-mark on his left cheek.

Fiahna had her hand up in the air and shot him a death glare. "Do that one more time to my best friend, and your neck will be broken" she said through gritted teeth. 

By now, everyone in our plane compartment was looking at Fiahna, but she didn't seem to even care a bit. The flight attendant had his hand over his cheek, and was about to say something before he thought the better of it. He ran back towards the front of the plane cursing under his breath. 

"Are you okay?" Fiahna asked with concern. I nodded my head, but couldn't open my mouth to speak. I had never in my life felt so...so... scared. Yes, scared. Me, Hanna Jones, scared of something that happened to me. I felt like bursting into tears, but not because of what just happened. But because I have such good friends to help me through things like this. I started hugging Fiahna, and she hugged back instantly. She ran her fingers through my hair, just like my mother would have done when I was little. Elaha, who was still sitting with her mouth open in shock, soon stood up and joined the group hug. 

"There, now. It's gonna be okay. You have us with you, Hanna. That guy is a bastard and so not hot anymore" Elaha said trying to cheer me up. I laughed at her comment, causing her to laugh as well. We all got back into our seats, and I wiped off the tears that were starting to form in my eyes.

"Attention all passengers! Our flight will be leaving to France in two minutes. Please buckle on your seatbelts, and enjoy your flight on the Delta airlines" one of the flight attendants said over the plane's PA system.

Well this was going to be a long and strange flight. 



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