A Trip That Changed It All

Elaha, Fiahna, and Hanna have been best friends for many years. They were and still are MAJOR directioners. They've always dreamed of going on a vacation to Paris, France together ever since they were 12. And now, since they are 18, they can finally fulfill their dreams of going to Paris. But little did they know, that besides their dream of going to Paris will come true, their dreams of meeting the incredible One Direction will be fulfilled as well. Through a lot of difficult phases, the three girls will find themselves in a situation filled with love and friendship in the City of Love. But besides all that, the girls find out that someone is secretly telling all their precious secrets to the Papparazzi. But who is the secret betrayer who is secretly telling all the girls' secrets? Is it one of the members of One Direction? Or could it be one of the girls who is betraying her other two friends? Read on and find out!


2. The Flight Part 1

Fiahna's POV

"Where the fuck is she?" Hanna asked a little too loudly. Other people who were sitting in the waiting area for the next flight turned their heads towards her, and a mom even covered her son's ears and shook her head in disgust at Hanna's language. Hanna didn't even seem to care at all.

"I don't know. But she's usually never this late! She was supposed to be here an hour earlier to buy her ticket, but good thing we already bought it for her. I swear, I will kill her if she misses our flight!" I yelled. Again, more people were looking in our direction.

"Mam, could you please keep it down a bit?" A man sitting behind us asked. I gave him a death glare. I hated when people asked me to keep quite.

"Don't worry, Fiahna. We still have hope. She can make it on time for the flight. I know she can" Hanna told me positively. I knew she was only trying to make me feel better. But then again, she was right. Elaha still could make it on time. I smiled at her indicating I understood her. I anxiously started fidgeting around in my seat. I checked the time to see how many minutes we had until the fight.

10:38 That meant we only had 7 minutes until the flight. 

"Oh gods, I hope she makes it on time" I said to Hanna.

"Me too. Bu-" I never got to hear the rest of what Hanna was going to say because of the flight attendant's voice over the airport's PA system. 

"Attention, passengers who are boarding the the Delta flight group 3C. The flight will be boarding in 6 minutes. Please be prepared. Any late passengers will have to board the next flight."

I started fidgeting even more in my seat, and my palms were getting a little sweaty. Just then, I spotted Elaha running through the gate with her suitcase and her purse. She was still in her pajamas, which consisted of a neon blue camisole and navy blue yoga pants, and her hair was all messed up. My heart started pounding faster, and I ran up to her. She spotted me, and ran up to me as well. Hanna, who hadn't noticed Elaha, sat there confused and was about to say something until she saw her too. She got up and ran to her as well. We hugged her tightly, not even caring if we were making a big scene. I let go of her, and then elbowed her in the stomach.

"And that's for making me think you were gonna miss the flight!" I exclaimed. She ran her hand through her hair nervously.

"Well, I guess I deserved that. I swear I didn't forget! I would never forget this trip! I had even packed everything the night before! My alarm clock just forgot to ring" she said.

"Well, at least you made it. And it's ok, I guess. Those things happen" I said trying to at least be a little nicer because seeing her tired and stressed out face made me feel bad.

"Now let's board our flight before we miss it!" Hanna said cheerfully.

A/N: Sorry for the short and boring chapters! I promise it will get better! And I'm dividing this chapter into two parts because well...I have my reasons. ~Elaha ;)

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