A Trip That Changed It All

Elaha, Fiahna, and Hanna have been best friends for many years. They were and still are MAJOR directioners. They've always dreamed of going on a vacation to Paris, France together ever since they were 12. And now, since they are 18, they can finally fulfill their dreams of going to Paris. But little did they know, that besides their dream of going to Paris will come true, their dreams of meeting the incredible One Direction will be fulfilled as well. Through a lot of difficult phases, the three girls will find themselves in a situation filled with love and friendship in the City of Love. But besides all that, the girls find out that someone is secretly telling all their precious secrets to the Papparazzi. But who is the secret betrayer who is secretly telling all the girls' secrets? Is it one of the members of One Direction? Or could it be one of the girls who is betraying her other two friends? Read on and find out!


5. An Unexpected Surprise

Elaha's POV

I stared in shock at the five boys in the room. I couldn't believe it, was I dreaming? Was someone playing some kind of prank on me? I slapped myself hard on the cheek, just to check if I was dreaming. After I was satisfied that I wasn't dreaming, I carefully studied each of their faces.

Zayn, standing the closest to me, was staring at me like I was someone crazy. Niall and Louis, a few feet away, were still frozen in a pose where they were strangling each other with food in their hands. Liam, however, just dropped the banana he was holding and started to wipe his hands on his plaid shirt he was wearing. And last but not least, Harry. He was standing at the end of the room, his beautiful green orbs trying to process everything that was happening. 

As I stared intentally at them, they stared back with equal looks of shock and confusion. Liam was the first to react to my rude action of barging in.

"May I help you, love?" he asked.

"Um...I-I was just t-t-trying to find the restroom" I muttered. I cursed silently under my breath for sounding so stupid. Liam heard my little curse, and his mouth curved up in a heart-melting smile.

"Well, you'll never find the restroom in here. Here, let me help you up" he said. He reached down and offered a hand. I took it kindly and tried to get up, but not before feeling the twinging pain in my ankle again.

"Ow!" I yelped and fell back down again. I cursed under my breath again, this time making sure it was not audible enough to be heard. Liam looked down at me with concern in his dark, chocolate-brown eyes.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked.

"No...It wasn't you. I think I twisted my ankle..." I said while trying to examine my ankle. By now, all the boys were gathered around me in a small circle. They all looked down at me with concern. Under other circumstances, I would've probably started fan-girling, but the pain in my ankle was too much for me to start screaming or fan-girling.

"Ooh from the look of that, I think you have twisted your ankle. That looks really bad!" Niall said in his Irish accent. Harry and Zayn, being on both sides of Niall, elbowed him hard in his stomach.

"Ow! What was that for?" Niall asked while rubbing his stomach. 

"Well, way to make her feel better Niall!" Harry exclaimed. Liam studied my ankle more carefully, and accidentally moved my foot with his hand while he was studying it.

"Ouch!" I yelped out once again. Liam quickly apologized and said,

"Louis, go grab her some ice and some Advil. Niall, go get a First-Aid kit from the front of the plane because I think she also has a bad cut on her leg. Also make sure your wearing your hood and glasses so no one recognizes you. And Harry, help me carry her over to the couch"

So Liam really was the "Daddy Directioner". He had everything under control here. Niall and Louis hurriedly left the room with their hoods up and glasses on, while Liam and Harry started to lean down and help me up.

"No, no, It's fine. I can get up on my-" I said  but got interrupted by Harry lifting me off my feet and carrying me bridal-style.

"Your're hurt, love. There's no need to hurt yourself even more " Harry whispered into my ear. I whispered as his husky voice reached my ears. He carried me with his strong arms; one hand under my legs, the other under my back. I had my arms wrapped around his neck, and I could feel the small hairs on his neck.

This all seemed too good to be true. I assumed I was dreaming. Yeah, that's it. Maybe I'm dreaming about this moment, and I'll wake up on the plane sitting next to Fiahna, who would be reading a book. Harry set me down on the couch and right when my head hit the soft cushion, I instantly fell asleep. If this was a dream, then I would've been sleeping in a dream.

Yep, this apparently was a dream. I mean, why would One Direction be on this plane? When I wake up from this weird, yet satisfying dream, I'll be on the plane listening to my music. But deep inside, I kind of wanted the dream to be real. I mean who doesn't want to have the members of One Direction taking care of them?

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