You're My Wonderwall.<3

Four bestfriends, all move together in London, with the acceptions of their jobs. Anything could happen in London, such as bumping into the biggest Boy Band. One Direction.
Brooklyn, Kendra, Erin, and Ashley find out what true love feels like...
Or true heartbreak.. What'd gonna happen between them all? Read it to find out. xxx


17. Twitcam!(:

Brooklyn's POV: Since I have plenty of followers on Twitter, just because I'm a Payne, I decided to do a Twitcam. I usually do YouTube videos, for hair and makeup tutoriols, because everyone asks me how I do my hair. And makeup.

I logged into Twitter, and began my Twitcam!

I already had a thousand viewers, and the numbers were going up every second! Whoop!

"Howdy!" I smiled into the camera and waved.

"I have little Mermaid hair! I could swim through the ocean with little shells on my boobies, and a green tail." I said in a funny accent. Oh yeah, did I tell you I died my hair red? Yep. I look like Little Mermaid!

"Look at these things aren't they neat?" I sang into the camera, the song off of Little Mermaid. I giggled.

I looked at the comments and questions.

"LOVE the new hair!" from @1D_AreMine I smiled.

"Thank you @1D_AreMine! i just did it a few days ago!" I spoke into the camera.

"Can you list 7 things you hate??" was asked from @DJMalikArmy.

"Uhm.. @DJMalikArmy.. 7 things I hate! Number ONE!" I made a number one.

"Okay, one. When somebody starts a conversation saying 'Sorry this is awkard'. I mean, you're just making yourself feel awkward. And I feel awkward. And everyone feels awkward. Number two, when a person uses my laptop cord does NOT roll up the freaking cord when their finished!" I stated firmly.

"Three! When you tell someone to stop doing something, and they CONTINUE to do it! Say, you're in class trying to pay attention and you hear this clicking sound like.." I got a pencil and tapped it against a notebook countless time!

"So, of course you tap them on the shoulder and say 'Uhm, could you please stop tapping your pencil? It's distracting.'. So they stop. But three minutes later, you hear it again! I mean, seriously?!? Now, four! When someone sends you a text message, thats for somebody else! Like, one time, I was just playing around on my phone and got a message saying 'Oh baby. That would feel so good in you.' and I was just like.. Was that for... WHAT.?" I laughed slightly. It's SO annoying though.

"Number five! When people name there kids really awkward things. I've seriously heard the name Harold Balls. 'Hey. My names Harold Balls'" I put my hand over my mouth and snickered.

"Im gonna laugh. And then Im going to feel really bad. Just don't name your kid anything stupid. And if you have an awful name, Im so sorry you have to live with it. Uhm, yeah. On to 6! When kids tease a dog! I have really seen some kid take their finger and pput it close to the dogs face and be like 'Oh! come here puppy. HE HE HE HE.' And say the kids eating candy. They take the candy out of their mouth and still tease the puppy! Of course that dogs gonna want your candy. LISTEN KID, that dog don't want your finger, alright?"

I looked at the comments and everyone was saying "LMFAO I LOVE YOU!" or "DYING RIGHT NOW!"

"Okay! Number 7! When I find loose... hair in the shower! GROSS." I gagged a bit.

"If you decided to put your hair on my shower doors, when you finish, you better take a piece of toilet paper and get it off! And thats a list of 7 things I hate!" I smiled and bowed into the camera.

"Oh. You guys wanna hear a knock knock joke I used to tell my mom everyday when I was little?"

They all replied with a yes or of course!

"Knock knock. Whos there. Chocolate. Chocolate who? I CHOC-A-LOT! And I would die laughing! But my mom would sit there like.." I did a plain, bored expression. "And I'd be like.." I laughed like a 5 year old would.

"The next day, she brought me a joke book like... 900 pages long and told me to learn real jokes!" I frowned.

"My dreams were crushed then!"

I busted out laughing at how stupid that all sounded.

"SOOO. This is the ugliest thing I own!" I pulled out a fuzzy hat.

"Lets go raving!" I started doing stupied dances into the camera.

Just then Harry walked in. "Well this is attractive!" He laughed.

I blushed and turned the camera to him.

"Say hi Harry!"

"Hello!" He waved.

We continued to do our Twitcam for hours answering questions, and we even called a few people! It was great.<3

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