You're My Wonderwall.<3

Four bestfriends, all move together in London, with the acceptions of their jobs. Anything could happen in London, such as bumping into the biggest Boy Band. One Direction.
Brooklyn, Kendra, Erin, and Ashley find out what true love feels like...
Or true heartbreak.. What'd gonna happen between them all? Read it to find out. xxx


9. Sleepover!(:

Kendra's POV: "Where are you going?!?! We just moved in!" I protested towards Brooklyn. She hold told the girls and I that we could come as well, but I think I wanted to chill and get to know this place better. But I'd probably end up going over there everyday..

"I'm going to Liam's." She stated.

"Brooklyn, what happened?!?!" She hasn't told anybody but Liam and Zayn what had happened.

"Check my last freaking phone call!" She chucked her phone at me and it hit the wall.

"It's from Jake?" I looked at her puzzeled.

"Yeah. He's coming to London. I don't want him here. I'm going to Liam's. Come over when you wanna," And with that, she walked out and drove to Liam's.

"Dude!! You were supposed to get her to stay!!" Ashley said running into the living room. "I TRIED!!!"

"Well, we can always go over there." Erin said stepping into the conversation.

"Yeah, you're right." I sighed.

"Well, what happened?!?!" They both questioned eagerly.

"Jake got mad that she was hanging out at the boys flat. So he's coming to London." I rolled my eyes. None of us ever liked Jake, because all he did was break Brooklyn's heart, and then ask for another chance. She's given him too many chances.

"But, what good is it gonna do for her to go to Liam's?" Ashley asked me.

"Jake doesn't know where their flat is. But he knows where ours is.." I mumbled.

"Eww.. If he comes here I swear..." Erin mumbled. We couldn't hear the rest of what she said.

I laughed slightly at her facial expression. "Well, what do we do today?" Ashley asked. "How about we go swimming! Then we can go over to the guys flat." Erin said excitedly. Oh yeah, we have a HUGE pool in the backyard!

"Sounds good! But first.. Im gonna eat!" I smiled and walked into the kitchen. Ashley and Erin followed.


Brooklyn's POV: I stomped into their flat and threw myself down on the couch, not realizing someone was on it.

"Uh.. Sorry.." I mumbled getting off. It was Harry.

"It's fine love! I didn't mind a bit!" He smiled flashing those amazing dimples. They were even cuter in person! I blushed, then burried my face in my hands... So he didn't see.

"Don't hide. It's cute. But why are you so angry?" He looked at me with those big emerald eyes.

"My boyfriend is coming to London." I stated emotionless.


Harry's POV: She has a boyfriend? Shit.

"And you're angry about that,.. why?" I questioned..A little hurt.

"He's OVERLY ATTACHTED! He doesn't let me do ANYTHING! He can go out, and get drunk, and have one night stands with cheerleaders, and I can't hang out with my brothers bestfriends?!?" She was enraged!

"Oh. I'm so sorry. I'll be right back!" H got up from the couch leaving me there. Five minutes later Louis walked in.

"You're my new bestfriend. Okay? You and Harry. My bestfriends? Got it, Good." He smirked. "Okay then!" I giggled. I just made a new bestfriend.

"I know we just met a few days ago, but you can trust me. Okay?" He looked at me seriously.


Brooklyn's POV:

"Harry told me what happened. And Harry's even beat up about it. I want this boys number. Hand it here." Louis said a little sassy. I giggled. I got my phone out, but I hesitated.

"OH JUST GIVE ME THAT DANG PHONE GURLLLL." Louis snatched the phone out of my hand speaking like a girl.

"Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake.. Oh! Right here!" He clicked on his name and the phone began to ring.

"Hello?" Jake answered.

"Uhm, yes. This is Louis Tomlinson and it's best for you NOT to come to London. If you know whats good for you." Louis said trying to sound all manly.

"Is this one of those gay guys from that.. band?"

"I AM NOT GAY. None of us are thank you. And keep your dumb bum AWAY from Brooklyn! SHE'S MINE!" Louis yelled and hung up.

"I'm yours?" I laughed.

"Yep! It's sleep over time baybeeeee!" Louis said trying to act like a girl.

"Okay!" I put my pajamas on, even though it was 3 in the afternoon. Louis and I sat and talked, and gossiped for hours!

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