You're My Wonderwall.<3

Four bestfriends, all move together in London, with the acceptions of their jobs. Anything could happen in London, such as bumping into the biggest Boy Band. One Direction.
Brooklyn, Kendra, Erin, and Ashley find out what true love feels like...
Or true heartbreak.. What'd gonna happen between them all? Read it to find out. xxx


3. Settling In

Kendra's POV: I played games and talked with Ashley while Erin and Brooklyn fell asleep. Finally our plane landed and I woke both of them up.

"We need a cab to get to our house!" Brooklyn said. We called a cab and soon we arrived. "WOAH BABY!" I blurted as we stepped foot into the huge house. It was GORGEOUS! I ran to the first bedroom there was! Brooklyn ran upstairs, with Erin, and Ashley ran to the room down the hall from mine. "We're gonna have to paint these dang rooms! They're so dull, but huge!" Erin yelled from upstairs. We all met up in the hall and decided we would go shopping.

"Okay, so we need paint, more furniture, and definitley some FOOD!" Erin told me as I made a list. "Alright! LETS GO!" Brooklyn grabbed her keys and we went to the mall. Dang, London was beautiful! I'm so glad we'd be living here from now on. First, we went into a furniture shop. We were just blowing our money...

Next, we went to the paint! Erin picked out a not to dark, but not to light blue. I picked out a mint green! Brooklyn got purple, and Ashley also got a mint green.

"Guys, I think we should hold off on buying food, and just find a restraunt for tonight. Sound good?" I asked everyone.

"YES! IM STARVING!!!!!" Erin blurted.

"Alright! Let's go find some place!"

"AND MAKE SURE IT'S GOOD!" Erin yelled. We broke into fits of laughter and drove off.

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