You're My Wonderwall.<3

Four bestfriends, all move together in London, with the acceptions of their jobs. Anything could happen in London, such as bumping into the biggest Boy Band. One Direction.
Brooklyn, Kendra, Erin, and Ashley find out what true love feels like...
Or true heartbreak.. What'd gonna happen between them all? Read it to find out. xxx


16. Movie Time!

Kendra's POV: "Ohh no!" I said. I blushed hard.

"LOUIS. TOMLINSON. GET OFF OF MY BESTFRIEND." Ashley demanded. Louis put his hands up innocently and got off of me. He helped me up, and we both laughed.

"THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER!" Ashley screamed at Louis.

"Ashley, calm down! It's not what you think!" I said.

"It better not be. You're too young! So, who's ready to go to the movies?"

"We are!" Louis and Zayn raised their hands.

"Let me go get my Toms!" I ran into my room and slipped on my white Toms.

"Nice taste in shoes love! Ready?" Louis smiled. I grabbed my bag and we all four walked out the door.

"What movie are we seeing?" Zayn asked.

"Mama!" Louis and Ashley both shouted. I laughed.

We payed for our tickets, and went to get our snaks. Louis and I got a medium popcorn, two Dr. Peppers, I got Skittles, and Louis got our Patch kids.

We took our seats in the very back, and the movie began. I jumped at a few parts, so Louis rested his arm around me.

I looked up at him. He smiled kindly at me. It sent shivers through my body. Nobody has ever had this effection on me.

I looked over at Ashley...
She was looking up at Zayn, and Zayn was mesmerized by Ashley's blue eyes. He slowly leaned down, and their lips connected.


Ashley's POV: Sorry. I'm busy...


Kendra's POV: I wish Louis would ask me to be his...

I want to be his. Not for his fame, but I see sparks fly, whenever I look into his eyes.

The movie ended, and yet, Louis still hasn't asked me. I sighed as we got up and left.

"You alright, love?" Louis asked, walking by my side.

"Yeah.." I mumbled.

"No, really Kendra, what's wrong?" He seemed worried.

"Nothing Lou. I promise." I forced a smile onto my face. We walked home in complete silence while Ashley and Zayn laughed about random things..

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