You're My Wonderwall.<3

Four bestfriends, all move together in London, with the acceptions of their jobs. Anything could happen in London, such as bumping into the biggest Boy Band. One Direction.
Brooklyn, Kendra, Erin, and Ashley find out what true love feels like...
Or true heartbreak.. What'd gonna happen between them all? Read it to find out. xxx


4. Is That...?

Brooklyn's POV: "I think Im gonna text Liam and tell him Im in London!" I pulled my iPhone out. The girls all loved Liam. We always hung out together before he left for the XFactor.

To Liam: Hey bub! Guess what?!!? IM IN LONDONNNN!;D

I waited for a replying and suddenly my phone buzzed.

From Liam: Hey there! Really?!?! We need to hang out soon love! xxx

I smiled and slipped my phone back in my pocket. We walked into Nandos and took our seat in a booth. We all ordered and chowed down!


Ashley's POV: "This is AMAZING!" Erin said in awe. We all mocked her and she rolled her eyes. I began to laugh. There was a huge table, with about 10 people right next to ours. They were being VERY loud. I walked over to them and yelled. "Would you people SHUTUP?!?!" They sat there and became silent. "Thank you!" I snapped. "Ashley??" I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and it was...

Liam! "Hey Liam!" I smiled. "It's good seeing you again! Is Brooklyn with you?" He asked eagerly.

"Yep! Kendra and Erin are with us too!" I smiled "Great!" Liam walked over to our table with me and quickly covered Brooklyn's eyes before she could see. "What the flack?!?! Ashley get your hands off me!" She snapped. "Hey it's not me!" I laughed. Liam uncovered her eyes and Brooklyn turned around. "Liam!!!!!!!" She cheered and hugged him tightly. "I haven't saw you since the XFactor Brooklyn! Wanna come to my flat and hang out with the boys and I?" He asked us all. Brooklyn looked nervous. "I think it's time you guys meet the boys!" Liam said. We all laughed and decided we should go. Liam took his car, and Brooklyn followed him to their flat. This should be fun! I've always had a tiny crush on Zayn. Just never major. I mean, he's just a guy. Nothing to go all crazy about.

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